Sci-Fi Film The Endless Has a Genuinely Freaky Concept


I saw this today, and while I'd recommend seeing it, I think I'd recommend it as a rental. Once I returned home I found from the Stranger Calendar that the Seattle Erotic Art Festival was happening* just a few blocks away from the Uptown, and I regretted not purchasing a ticket to check it out too, and further justify the trip into Seattle and crazy parking rates I paid.

I'm curious what telltale detail was near the start of the film that you keep wondering about. I apparently didn't pick up on it. I was also expecting more layers or more closure from the ending. I also expected it to go in a couple different directions than it did. I just expected something else, I suppose.

If there are any fans of their previous work reading this, know that there's a reference to one of those works in this film that you might enjoy, if that helps encourage you to see it.

*I guess today's front page featuring a woman in a bondage mask somehow wasn't attention-grabbing enough for me to notice before leaving, and commenting in the thread for it several days ago doesn't mean one reads the article as carefully as you'd expect.