She'll tell you lies for free.
Lotta drunks think someone put something in their drink. Methinks Turner still ain't being honest with us.
"Somebody slipped me something" = I drank too much and don't want to take personal accountability for it. Tale as old as time.

Also, don't be so perplexed as to why someone didn't get back to you. Who do you think you are? It's The Stranger, get a grip.
An "irrational fear of concussions", poor dear. She could take up boxing perhaps.
Holy Moly. This is a person in whose wake trails drama like clouds of glory.
#6: Well said.

Robbie Turner needs better meds and a lot more therapy.
Cocaine is a hell of a drug
I take back my snark. Get well Robbie.
Now where's my butterfly net...
I had to read this three times before I figured out that this is how The Stranger publishes a retraction these days.

Ah well, I guess now I know what to look for.
Get well Robbie! Social media is a hell of a thing. I prefer to make my stupid drunken comments annonymously with the rest of us here.

Not that any of that would help the dead uber driver buried in my back yard...
"But all that could change if Turner ever got back to us. He has yet to respond to The Stranger's repeated attempts to make contact."

Yes, Robbie Turner is mentally ill or attention-seeking or whatever, but he is under no obligation to EVER get back to The Stranger. That just makes you guys sound childish.
in the catty, image-obsessive field of my art, people are making fun of me for having been told that there is no link in the article to the interview it quotes from so i just want to let you know my brave hat of courage is on and i went to the hospital (the one hospital, the one with the link, the one i vividly remembered and was told i was in) and i've been told link-lack is never my fault and i own up to that (love ya moms!) so you can stop it with the drugs i sorely, brusiedly, need…
ps. send drugs, i'm on the good ones already anyway, honestly anything else is bullying.
I smell a Seattle city council run soon -
This whole kerfuffle reminds me of every evening shift I worked at the Broadway Grille.
I would be fine if it weren't for all these bats flying around.
Robbie Turner and his extra front tooth are canceled. I wonder what he will fall back on? What do drag queens put on their resumes?

Robbie, darling, if you're reading this, get the book immediately called "So You've Been Publicly Shamed"
Oh, Robbie. Who wears a hat in the shower? When people follow a lie with more lies it gets obvious.

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