Why are you so triggered by this piece of shit showing up in Seattle? Let him come and speak and then let him try to answer questions from the audience.

Maybe this sort of reaction is why there's a poll indicating that millennials aren't blindly following the left right now? I'm comfortable enough with my liberal leanings to be non-threatened by this clown showing up in Seattle. And I find it sad that you aren't.

"the latest credible threats to free speech..."
Oh My!
First Amendment under assault?
Sort of like the Second?
Perhaps taking away the Bill of Rights is a slippery slope.
with #1 the Stranger "shame" is getting tired

Why are you always so triggered by other people's triggoring?

@1 -- You don't have to be "triggered" to want to critique this vapid asshole's pseudo-intellectual idiocy, which is written in a pathetically impenetrable prose style so that people who want to be seen as smarter than they are will think it's profound when it's just lacking in any actual thought.

When this kind of faux-philosophy starts to spread, it needs to be dismissed and debunked. I appreciate Rich Smith's efforts to do so.


He sounds like a real gem. Hope he's single, ladies!

He basically runs a support group for racist, sexist assholes that cowardly blame everyone else for their own problems.

How pathetic.

A real man takes responsibilty for his life and works to improve the lives of others, starting by treating people with kindness and decency.

Being triggered against the triggered is the new hip thing for assholes incels. "How dare you be angry about systemic racism when I can't get any pussy?"
Terry, you really need to get help for your anger.
Just Men are going to this show? Thanks for preparing my wife and I (both female).
#7 "You take responsibility for your life because the alternative is much worse." Jordan Peterson March 12, 2018

Right from the horse's mouth.
read sara ahmed ('living a feminist life') not butler; ahmed gets draggy after a while but her use of language to interrogate language is for better mind waves, while theory like butler is not.

the moral of peterson's lobster man is that if you can beat him up you can inseminate his wife. paglia and peterson and their ilk have very particular notions of how to do it (the sex, the sex act/perfomance), and that's all they have interest in engaging in off or on stage; they (like all the "feminism has gone too far/not far enough?!?" people) love theory because a pool can soothe by clearly reflecting their splashes, so they have to think the possibilities of an outflow mind wave frightening.
Rich: were you aware that the video you embedded in your article is a convo between Peterson and a person who identifies as non-binary?

I'm no fan of Dr. Peterson's, but when he's misrepresented by lazy journalists, leftists, etc, it gives him more and more traction.
wow. that was a really incoherent and self-contradictory rant. this needs some serious editing.
He just recycles old self-help cliches and dresses them up with fancy-sounding psychology buzzwords. Apparently there are a lot of people who are easily impressed by big words and in need of professional help and figure buying a book or tickets to a seminar is cheaper than going to a therapist.

These self-help people are con-artists and a new one surfaces every few years with a novel twist on the same old shit. They sell books and tickets to gullible idiots for a year or 2 and then fade into oblivion once people realize they’ve been taken for a ride.
I guess we can wait for the glowing review of his performance by Kate Herzog and find out?
#17 "[Kshama] just recycles old [victimhood and resentment] cliches and dresses them up with fancy-sounding [commie] buzzwords. Apparently there are a lot of people who are easily impressed by [victimhood mentality] and in need of professional help and figure buying [into victimhood, and incessant whining] is cheaper than going to a therapist.

These [so-called 'Justice' leaders] are con-artists and a new one surfaces every few years with a novel twist on the same old shit. They sell [victimhood and resentment] to gullible idiots for a year or 2 and then fade into oblivion once people realize they’ve been taken for a ride."

You had a few typos in your post. Thought I'd help
@15 llllloooolllll my god no where are you getting this

Camille Paglia thinks transgenderism is sign of the collapse of western civilization…
@ 12/13,

If you need some old crank to tell you to stand up straight and make your bed, well... I'm aiming higher.
@18 you clearly aren't familiar with my thoughts on Jungian dream analysis
Never heard of the guy before. Just watched a half dozen of his videos. Thank you for bringing him to my attention. He's brilliant. Just brilliant. I now have a new messiah. Hallelujah!
@19 isn't kshama sawant a politician or something? Jordan peterson sells books to people who need a seminar to figure out how to stand up straight and clean their room. If you're going to go through all the effort of "fixing" my comment at least try to keep it on topic.
#24 I wasn't contrasting the two. You did that.
If you’re giving this guy money you’re a fucking sucker or you’re so blinded by “owning the libs” that you’ll fellate any dumbass who irritates liberals.
I don't think "glossing over" means what you think it means.…
@25 i don't even know what that means but after you've flushed hundreds of dollars down the shitter on some charlatan who made you think you need to buy a bunch of books and seminars to keep your shit together don't act like i didn't warn you

If it would help I can put that inside a hardcover binding for 3 installments of just $29.99
Never heard of this guy before, but I just watched a few of his videos. His arguments don't seem to stand up to the slightest scrutiny. More "boot straps" feel good nonsense/sensationalism.
#28 Why buy your shit when I can get it for free on here.
So what's his face has created yet another sock puppet pretending to be shame-faced liberal now?

Christ, dude. Nobody is buying what you're selling.
@20: They literally mention it in this video. Or, check their Wiki under Personal Life, you fucking dolt.
The writer's lobster argument actually helps Peterson's argument. A person who can't control their negative emotions is not someone who climbs the dominance heirarchy. I don't know why this writer would conflate unstable and angry with powerful. Being uncontrollably angry is weakness and will plant you in prison, the bottom of the dominance heirarchy.
32, Yes she self-identifies as trans because she used to wear men’s clothes but she thinks the trans movement a sign of societal decay.

Why do you think the label she assigns herself is more relevant than her stated beliefs on the topic and why are your profiles banned before you even comment?
Another koch brothers and cpac David Horowitz. Unending supplies of fascist trolls, from the oligarchs. If you you are a demented old coot, seeking refuge in this pile dog shit, you will probably choke on it soon and die. Good riddance morons.

If u r young, and cannot really afford to see this dork, do not expect me to give u any money for conspiracy tirades and Jordan peterson tirades, when u r homeless, in downtown seattle.
It's also weird that this man identifies himself with Christianity, given that the actual teachings of Christ are socialist, pacifist, non--judgmental, pro-empathy and anti-hierarchy. Also, to my recollection, none of the Gospels ever addressed the question of posture.
I didn't know there was a left-wing Fox news until I read this article. And I'm a liberal btw. He's answered the questions of the exact same accusations you are making. He talks about these kinds of things, that doesn't he thinks they're good. Yes conservatives like him, but he's not a conservative. He talks about how liberals are so against Trump supporters that they condemn them, rather than talk to them, and they make up 50% of our population, which is a very bad way for our society to behave to each other, and it's true that it will only make things worse and more divisive.
This article perfectly explains the reaction peoole have of their safe space bubble popped in the face of new information, and then attempts to take him off a pedestal that YOU invented because YOUR world view was threatened, instead of having any second thoughts, which is just what Tomi Lauren's 'Final Thoughts' segment lacks. This liberal bubble of 'if you don't address these issues in the manner that the left prefers, you're against them.' And 'if you question anything that's meant to absolve injustices, you're supporting injustice.' Even though the people implementing these studies to absolve injustices have no qualifications of knowing what the first thing to do is, but they're appointed and believed without question.
Here's Peterson, looking terribly unhappy and concerned about the progress of minorities and women....oh wait....…
@37: "And I'm a liberal btw."

If you're a follower of this alt-right guru this statement is pretty laughable.

"This article perfectly explains the reaction peoole have of their safe space bubble popped in the face of new information, and then attempts to take him off a pedestal that YOU invented because YOUR world view was threatened"

You're gibbering, son.
The stranger needs a better structure for their comment sections so people can discuss things without having to scroll up a ton and reference people by saying #x.

Can you please name these people researching and doing studies on injustice that have no qualifications or knowledge of what to do? The people I have read studying and researching in this area are all well qualified.

To answer the title of the piece, because I find value in Peterson's words. Although much of what he talks about is not original it is incredible important. His most valuable message is that we should not read history as if we would have been the hero or the victim. Statistically speaking we more than likely would have been the perpetrated if given the chance. Don't go through life thinking you don't have the capacity to harm people.
Hard to take him seriously with that accent. I love Canada and Canadians, but there's something plain silly about this guy talking all gravely and concernedly about hierarchies and aggression and masculinity and virtues, with that accent. I'm sorry, I shouldn't even be mentioning it, but every time I hear him, it's like Mel Gibson rallying the troops in Braveheart, only after huffing some helium. And I'm no a manly man or anything, but this guy's machoness is paper thin. He seems like he'd run out of the room if he heard a loud bang, and then come up with a really dumb explanation for why it was the bravest thing to do. He's like Alonso Quijano who thinks he's Don Quixote the knight. Only Don Quixote actually did courageously stupid things. This guy thinks he's a stud just for pandering to his audience like a whiny twerp.
(also, more importantly, all his ideas are terrible)
This is for all the indignant posters who immediately resort to profane insults in an attempt at cloaking themselves in credibility. All the foul language in the world will not leave you sounding any tougher or more important or clever. To me it merely indicates your cerebral inferiority Peterson has not yet posted a YouTube lecture on it, but i believe that you should have your mouths washed out with good old fashioned soap.
Rich Smith, you ain't from this planet. In a city that has median home prices currently set at $777,000 due to the male dominated high tech industry, I'm surprised that Peterson didn't book a 6-month long Vegas style one man show.
The liberal swing has left the white man out in the cold... vulnerable, scared, with a target placed its back and constantly the source of ire for any damage suffered by gender or racial groups; whether deserved or not. This generation's intellectual males were not taught how to publicly voice their disapproval so they buried their concerns, no matter how petty or important, deep inside. These concerns are bubbling just below the surface waiting for someone's acknowledgement. Peterson understands their ills and will explain how and why this is happening. The Canadian psychologist will lend his sympathetic ear to a collective ranging from alt-right trolls to hyper intelligent millionaires eager to hear how Marxism, PC culture, and identity politics are eroding this country. He'll surmise that Berkeley is mainstream, free speech is under attack, we're all one step away from the Stalinist gulags and those in attendance will believe every word. James Damore's spirit will be conjured as a martyr...The quiet nerd that dared to fight Google. And when it's all said and done the audience's issues will be laid bare and the Marxists exposed. The audience with their bellies full and egos thoroughly stroked will be given sage advice to clean their room.
Rich Smith, I say it again..."you ain't from this planet." If you can't see what happening right in front you then you're suffering from cognitive dissonance. These white men think they've been unjustly forced in a corner and feel their only recourse is to lash out.
Is it just me, or does every liberal think they're 1 year away from an honorary doctorate from stanford? Seriously, take a pill. Pepole like and hate Dr. Peterson because he tells the truth. Full stop.
Goncalves...”So not only does it seem unlikely.”.

This is what you refute an idea like heirarchical societal structures (which are 100% proven part of all primate social structures) with? “Seems unlikely”. “Lobsters and people aren’t an accurate comparison”. Duh-derp!

Wow, you seem out of your depth. Like how you shit on Peterson for resisting compelled speech (because that’s not what it really was), but there are fines for not addressing people as they preferred to be addressed. ??? Isn’t that compelling speech via monetary penalty?

Peterson is basically an extremely overqualified self help guy (30 yrs clinical psychologist). That you feel the need to disparage and refute him just makes you seem pathetic and shrill.

Why don’t you have Charles Mudede offer to debate him? Or do you not trust him after Shapiro mopped the deck with his lush old ass?

What? He has a different opinion from me?!? SHUN HIM


really, man... you are the exact reason shows like this are selling out.

When you get it through your thick skull that differing opinions shouldn't be censored or banned, then maybe you will start to understand.

...but I have little faith that anyone outside your echo chamber will ever be anything but wrongthink to you and those like you.
Just wondering, is the author of this article 12?
Will I go to the lecture? Probably not. Mr. Peterson has some great insights but they are available for free in his podcast or YouTube. And why must every single thing be either my team or “their“ team? We can learn from people and still not agree with them 100% of the time.
The context of this wannabe humanities undergrad “ oh crap what have I done with my life” screed would leave one to believe that Dr. Peterson has at one time referred to our fair city of Seattle as a “Socialist hell hole” (reference 5th paragraph) as all previous quoted phrases are purportedly sourced to him. This is most definitely untrue and is an absolute indication of this so called writer’s lack of journalistic integrity. Also, many male “students of color” greatly improved their overall academic preformance after completing the self-authoring program as actual students of Jordan Peterson. He’s “only” written two books? How many original ideas could you construe Rich Smith? As demonstrated here, not many. You couldn’t even complete an entire article without leaning heavily on some obscure neuroscientist that no one cares about. Have you ever tried moonlighting as a clinical psychologist who has empirically assisted professional women increase their salaries exponentially as Jordan Peterson has done? Didn’t think so. So I guess it’s understandable why you would have plenty of time on your hand to conjure up this tripe. There is hope for you though, Danny Westneat has to retire at some point, but maybe your fianancial future would be much more secure as some sort of off beat recipe writer for an LGBT interest gazette in Little Rock? Academic criticism is not your forté.
@45 "To me it merely indicates your cerebral inferiority Peterson has not yet posted a YouTube lecture on it"

To me, your post clearly connotes a lack of knowledgeable discernment of the intricacies found in English grammar that, most ironically, shows your flippant inanity.

To put it plainly: your stupidity is showing.
Are there any actual reasons why I'm not supposed to like Jordan Peterson or just blind hysterical rhetoric? For someone so vile, Mr. Peterson apparently defies any attempt by the far left to come up with specific opinions that they find offensive. Dare I say they don't exist?
@47 Ah, the irony in that statement following two idiotic pseudo-intellectuals with their hands on a thesaurus.

@48 You're the three previous posts, aren't you? And 52, apparently. Oh, how I do enjoy when people of the social science persuasion act as if they are of the same class or intellect as the natural.
If the tone you are going for is angry and jealous you nailed it.
This article is a joke. Peterson is quite balanced. Much more balanced and thoughtful than rich smith, that's for sure. If you actually listen to Peterson's lectures, instead of letting other people tell you what he believes, maybe you will have a more balanced opinion. Then that opinion will actually be yours instead of mindlessly regurgitating ideologically based thoughtless fits. This world needs more people like Jordan Peterson.
Why does every opinion have to be a full frontal assault for or against something? Your article reads like a Sam Kinneson rant. Jordan Peterson comes out looking pretty good here because you portray him bring fundamentally wrong about everything and basically a clown.
But even if I knew nothing at all about him I can see that all sorts of serious and intelligent people take him seriously. And it's not an ideological echo chamber; quite the contrary, the people who dismiss him the way you do all do it through a bunch of seething self assuredness about all sorts of things which are far from settled.

Anyway... You're contributing to the polarization of the world and reducing all ideas to binary tribal war songs.

Peterson may be wrong about many things but at least he knows how to have a civilized conversation.
Soo TLDR got like a third of.the way through and was like wtf?!!?

Anyways! You're emotions run rampant and clearly don't allow you to logically look at everything. From what I did read you're just bitching to bitch because you think you understand the right but you understand the lefts version of the right. Which, makes you ignorant. He's like the most laid back non aggressive willing to discuss not argue person. Which is exactly what is needed for healthy understanding and debating on both sides which you seem to just dismiss cause you THINK you understand and you don't.
I already liked Jordan Peterson before reading this hysterical, juvenile hit piece. Now, I want to have his children—and I’m a straight, cis-gendered white male.
Trump did not tell the CDC not to use those particular words. That kind of incorrect "fact" is the thing you go after Peterson for. You make a weak case. Read Crenshaw? You think intersectionality is so great for feminism? Intersectionality arguments caused the women's march to be canceled in Portland recently. Peterson is a milquetoast and making him sound dangerous boosts his brand.
My favorite part of this article is when the author encourages the readers to essentially look into the works of competing ideals and for the reader to make up their own minds. The rest of the article is full of so much emotion that it is impossible for me to give the author any more credibility.

As far as the views and statements from Mr. Peterson goes, I can strongly consider and understand how I relate to them. Outside of the identity politics, coming from both sides, there are other reasons why someone like myself can find value in some of Mr. Peterson's teachings.

One of the broad stretching topics that I can relate to is taking responsibility for my life. I did not, nor did anyone else, have control over how we came into this world. Some of us have it easier in life than others and this goes for the entire world population, not just the U.S.

Most, but I understand not all, who were handed a bad set of cards have the capability to be a human being and do what human beings do best; learn, work hard, adapt, overcome, and help others as you have been helped, because we are all in this together, remember, and we all need each other. How can one expect to be of any help to anyone else if you don't have your own "house" in order?

Look now into the U.S. political vista. The middle has become bombarded from artillery and the population thinned. Those of us trying to be responsible for our own lives so that we can help others are having their voices muted and those on the fringes of the left and right are all asking, "Who's side are you on?! If not mine then theirs!"

When someone like Mr. Peterson comes along who actually holds, not identifies because there is a difference, more middle rung views that spill into both sides of the political spectrum and he gets berated and his words wildly misconstrued by another sect of people who identify, not holds views because there is a difference, as a certain political class that is when people who are actually grounded or desire to be grounded begin to listen. People who want to be better people by first putting their own lives under a microscope so that they can help others are the ones suffering here regardless of skin color, economic class, gender, gender identity, etc . . . Mr. Peterson is merely acknowledging this.

No one who desires to be a grounded human will lash out at people with so much emotion and continue to do so until they are blue in the face. It helps no one and that includes yourself. Having your "house" in order begins with having your literal house in order, but the true work doesn't begin until you gather you senses and get your "house" in order and become grounded as a human.

I await the flaming arrows from the far flung fringes of the left and the right to try and destroy my own personally held views right here in the middle. Destroy my home and I will build it back up again because that is what people do who hold themselves accountable.

Any risk to the sheltered enclave must be destroyed. Protect yourself from any views that are not perfectly aligned with your own. Find cover in the safety and warmth of your insulated city that protects you from any alternative views or frightening speech. Cast aspersions from your neighborhood that lacks any diversity but proclaims inclusion. Embrace the hatred for your fellow man. The maggots, roaches, and rats don't care who wins...we all taste like chicken when we're anhiliated. Let's keep the identity-politics dumpster full of bodies.
We're going to see him because he's a better person than you, Rich Smith.
Rule #8 Tell the truth – or, at least, don't lie. Your article is full of untruths. You sound more envious than anything, know next to nothing about Peterson and you're grasping with all hope that only straight white knuckle dragging MAGA men will show up to see him and surprise! It's a rainbow coalition of everyone who 1) is a critical thinker and 2) wants to be a better human.

You clearly haven't read a word of Peterson's book or watched more than ten seconds of videos. Trying learning something and come back when you're prepared. There's still tickets for his June talk.
Jordan Peterson is a great man working at a great cause of trying to preserve our freedom of speech. He's much more intelligent and much more righteous than the piece of work writing this article
This article is the one of the stupidest things I have ever read, and is exactly the reason why centrist Democrats who are capable of engaging in self-critique and holding nuanced viewpoints listen to Peterson. Everyone who has just listened to you spew your poorly thought out, emotional, reactionary drivel, has just seen the exemplification of an extremist liberal destroying our party from the inside out - by using character attacks, hyperbole, and misinterpretation, rather than wrestling with his arguments and attempting to arrive at a truth; consequently, your activities are ruining the credibility Democrats have historically had as being free thinking intellectuals who are able to rationally debate others. You have made his point for him, by your own example, better than he could ever from his academic podium.
Lazy hit piece. I've put more effort into pushing out shits than this clown put into writing this crap.
Wow this article is so ill informed and full of emotion. How do you have a job when you talk out of your butt?
I used to be a moderate who leaned towards the Democrats but continuous garbage like this is why I have seperated myself from the left. I can only hope for a third party to save this country now.
If the author of this article had ever really listened to JP they would have not wrote this because you are proving some of his main points.
Unfortunately for the author JP has more intelligence stemming from his pinky then this ill informed hack of a journalist ever will fathom of obtaining. Go back to school you suck at your job.
This article is BS! Anyone who has taken a few moments to listen to Mr. Peterson understands how dynamic and gifted he truly is. His ideas should not be controversial. Many are time tested and proven to give people a better chance at having a rewarding life. This author obviously is a product of Marxist schooling and can’t think critically. So sad.
I have not really gone deep into anything Peterson has written, but unless some of his books go way off the rails at some point, I have a hard time understanding why he is considered "an alt-right guru" (whatever that means) to some people.

The core of his message seems to be self-reliance, maturity, and basic freedoms that used to be considered classically liberal, such as freedom of speech.

It is not that original, so I don't really see why so many on the left find it so threatening or adversarial. What exactly has he SAID that is so offensive or threatening?
Thanks for the news that Peterson is coming to Seattle. I just bought my ticket and can't wait for June! And I might never have known if some people weren't obsessed with tearing down moderate critical thinkers and calling them "alt-right".
I'm certainly not a Jordan Peterson fan, as I already have my own purpose and values and motivations. No need to convince me to not be a piece of shit, or whatever. That said, this article is written from such a warped perspective based on what I already know about him, I might have to check him out again.
jp's devotees are whipsmart now we know, they're like lasers when it comes to double standards; they're smart, definitely thetans. i'm not worried anymore, civilization is safe.
Between this article and March's piece claiming there are no threats to free speech on campuses you could make the argument that Rich Smith is an illiterate person's idea of what a literate person sounds like. I don't like Peterson either, but we're going to lose this war with the reactionary right if folks like Smith continue to try to carry the banner into battle. But then, I'm an old-fashioned FDR-style lefty who believes Smith and the other SJWs are also dangerous reactionaries themselves. It's always the class inequities we have to battle over, and not the superficial skin pigments or gender identifications or sexual orientations or ethnic backgrounds or whatever the other grievance of the day is. We lost sight of that in the '70s and have been losing ground ever since. Keep that in mind and maybe there's still a chance to keep the Left left.
What exactly does a random observation (the world of bees) linked to (insects are as closely related to us as lobsters) a dismissed notion (goes to show that lobsters and humans are just not a great comparison) prove? And then the question is asked, why so many are going to see Jordan Peterson? The arrogance of this drivel is only surpassed by its mindless ignorance.
First, your grammar, syntax and writing style makes me worry for The future of journalism. I am a 31yo man, business and home owner. I have many girlfriends and they all love Jordan Peterson. When you cast aspersions on a man you clearly have not taken the time to read and understand you really show your ignorance and motive. All you are doing is giving him a wider audience, I'm sure he appreciates the article. I encourage you to go listen to him, but we know you won't because he is infinitely more intelligent than you and you find that threatening. Brilliant writing, I just blocked "The Stranger" from my Google News feed.
I traveled the seven seas with my ghost chicken and the four horses of the apocalypse.
Jordan Peterson is a breath of fresh air in world choking on the sewer gas of liberal thought. For thousands of years our ancesters have been telling stories about the human condition, Peterson relates these truthes to our modern world. Only a progressive snot rag of a man would be triggered by these ideas.
You mad bro??

This article is clearly a hit piece, unworthy of serious consideration...
I don't agree with Peterson on some points and never really found his style appealing but the content he provides is valid and well researched.

The idea that he upsets snowflakes like you is making me want to go see him even more.

Peterson's marketing tactics are awesome, he sits back and little whiners like you advertise for got played, and Peterson made $, and grew his audience, and you helped him, for free...
My primary draw to jp is his intelligent philosophy. But this type of triggered reaction from the vapid left comes in at a respectable second.
I'm not a lonely man, I'm a woman of science, happily married, an atheist and my political and social views are those of the left, the progressive left (Not the Alt left like the writer of this demonizing article) and i love and admire Jordan Peterson. He is one of the greatest figures of our time. He is in my social/political god list along with Bernie Sanders , Noah Chomsky, Richard wolf, and a few others.
He is not a misogynist and he is really not a an american conservative. I feel like a canadian moderate-conservative is more equivalent to a progressive here. Give him a chance, you may end up learning something about yourself and society!
He’s great. Wish I had a ticket.
It really blows my mind how the left has embraced the same cognitive dissonance as the right.
Not everyone that thinks that Mr Peterson has quite a few valid points is a card carrying Nazi/Racist/ misogynist.
It would do you well to listen to what he has to say, it was this same dismissal of critical thinking that now has us neck deep in Trump.
@7 NO his whole talks of you'd actually watch them are about taking personal responsibility never in his talks does he talk about how other people are at fault for your own shortcomings
Wow, what a generalization, “appeals to lonely men on the internet”

I’m a career-oriented woman who discovered him from a book, not the internet. But good job on stereotyping.
Neat. A horribly biased slam piece dripping with vitriol, ignorant insults, and an overall completely uneducated viewpoint. If you're going to slam someone, at least make a logical, rhetorical piece slamming their viewpoints, countering their presented evidence and rhetoric.
Doing things like this just make you look like a butthurt troll yourself.
You are literally providing fuel, fire, and food to people like Jordan Peterson.
I'm a married man with two children and fan of Jordan Peterson, hardly the basement dwelling lonely male the author would like to imagine me to be. What I've learned from the reaction to Jordan Peterson is that those in the media are ideologues who cant be trusted to report the truth. This article is just another bit of confirmation of the intellectual bankruptcy of the far left. I saw the same kind of reaction when I rejected Hillary's identity politics and became a Bernie supporter. You on the alt-left are truly afraid of him, aren't you?
K, first thing I've read by thee ... some decent points re Trump.
Re the serotonin thing ... just because serotonin functions different in humans than lobsters doesn't mean we don't live in a dominance hierarchy. There are other means of working that out.

Here's one from Frans de Waal's "Our Inner Ape": " . . . when a voice is filtered, removing all higher frequencies, one hears nothing but a low-pitched hum. All words are lost. But then it was found that this low hum is an unconscious social instrument. It is different for each person, but in the course of a conversation people tend to converge. They settle on a single hum, and it is always the lower person who does the adjusting. This was first demonstrated in an analysis of the Larry King Live television show. The host, Larry King, would adjust his timbre to that of high-ranking guests, like Mike Wallace or Elizabeth Taylor. The clearest adjustment to King's voice, indicating lack of confidence, came from former Vice President Dan Quayle.”

“Applied to televised pres debates from1960 to 2000 the popular vote matched the voice analysis: the majority of people voted for the candidate who held his own timbre rather than the one who adjusted." (The exception being Al Gore in 2000; though he won the popular vote.)
“Below the radar of consciousness, we thus communicate statue every time we talk with someone, whether in person or on the telephone.”
From Ray Kurzweil: “The world is inherently hierarchical.”

In addition, we're all cherry pickers, pretty much by definition. Human knowledge doubles about every 12-13 months. Individual knowledge files are woefully incomplete.

Another significant problem in service of our selection of glistening cherries is this fundamental manner of relationship interface: Fitness > Truth. That reality is further supported by additional initial-conditions push-comes-to-shove coding: Me > U; Us > Them; Short term > Long term.
Yes, there are myriad other codes, some for cooperation, love, altruism (grenade jumping, &), etc. Not saying this manner of relationship interface is fixed, nor is the manner of interface between men and women. Variation is fundamental. Nonetheless, that Fitness > Truth coding has been selected for eons per the environs. Our current environs are unprecedented; they're changing, complexifying at exponential rates and selection pressure is endless. Given that, I don't know what'll work.
wtf was this post shared on the jordan petersen fanboy facebook page or something?
Another article written by someone who doesn't know anything about Peterson at all, what a surprise lol. You have no clue, all you did was read all the hit pieces from the media that have come before and regurgitate them all into this article. Luckily every time one of these comes out many of us actually research him ourselves and fall in love. The Guardians hit piece did it for me just as this one will gain him even more followers.
Wow, gaze upon this comment section and behold all the Jordan Peterson fans who have learned to live without chaos.
Hey I hope you guys have set your own lives in perfect order before criticizing the Stranger. It’s such good advice, it’s a shame that ol’ Jord wasn’t around to tell Dr King or Gandhi or the Stonewall folks.
Left and right hate each other so much that when someone in the middle the draws the other side there, then we just have to hate him because the they like him? Please take a step back and reevaluate your position, as this mentality is purely destructive. If someone is willing to have a discussion and listen to your ideas, do the same. You don't have to agree, but we'll all be better served to find what virtue exists in others rather than assume the vice.
You all sound like a bunch of snowflakes... He's pointing out the data and discussing it... Watch unedited lectures from this man, and you'll see that he's a logical person, and not some crazy right wing psycho trying to push his politics on you minds. He will gladly discuss any of your opposing views. All post-moderist social justice warriors out there interviewing him, and editing videos to make him sound crazy is redicerrus* .... PS, the national socialist party did the same shit as you social justice f*cks.
If there were ever any question how we got saddled with Trump I think reading this will solve that riddle. I think most people understand what that means but I am certain it is beyond the author's ability. By the way, if jealous, angry, and ignorant was the tone you were looking for man you really nailed it with this piece.
Thanks for letting me know about this guy… I had no idea but he sounds terrific and I’ll try and get tickets for the next event… In case you haven’t figured it out Mr. Smith, you protest too much. And your silly attack on him raises awareness of his basically sensible ideas.

I guess Peterson should thank you and invite you to the stage so you can say stupid things.
This is a good article from someone who read his books -…
Check out this academic interested in redistribution of sexual access:…

(tl;dr women who have too much sex owe some of it to men who can't get any on their own)
I'm appalled at the comments deriding Dr. Peterson's audience as lonely racist young men. Clearly, the people making this comments have no knowledge of the depth and breadth of Dr. Peterson's works over the last 3 decades. he has a very diverse following of people from all walks of life who understand the destructiveness of political correctness, and group identity politics. His core message of personal responsibility, the values of individualism enshrined in western democratic institutions, and the importance of battling their own suffering, and not allowing it to consume you and destroy. He is a great man. A brilliant thinker. We should all be thankful that he is doing public lectures, and changing people's lives for the better. I am not writing as an observer, I am writing as someone who knows Dr. Peterson and has been a student in his classes. He is a great voice of sanity in very troubled times.
Here's the thing.

As Dan Savage pointed out, Jordan Peterson is fulfilling a need.

Most people have jobs, hobbies, family commitments, and a bunch of other crap that takes up the vast majority of their day and therefore don't have the time or energy to basically get the equivalency of a minor in social justice(which is what you are asking people to do).

Jordan Peterson helps people who basically don't get what the heck is happening in our world understand and cope with what's going on.

Nobody else is really doing that. Most people seem to want people who honestly don't have a lot in their lives(most of the people that Peterson appeals to aren't exactly rolling in dates, cash, or joy) to go through this awful gauntlet(which, let's be clear, becoming and being "woke" if you are a straight white guy is basically continuous torture until you stop) for absolutely 0 reward(as someone who has been "woke" for a long time, you don't get a damn thing for it).

Is it so odd that people will go for some guy whose source material is proto-Fascist and gender essentialist as all get out? At least his torture ends with some sort of possible reward.

I tried real hard to read this "article" so I could be outraged but I have to say, a few minutes in I'm sympathizing with Peterson. The English language has perfectly acceptable words already and does not need a bunch of BS hogwash dreamed up by entitled and deluded young people who obviously need help coping with reality.
I wasn't planning on going but just to see the shit show on Slog...I'm going to get some tickets. Anyone who pisses this many people off has to be worth a listen. f
If you’re motivated to spend your money on a self-help speaker to spite people who think he’s a charlatan, you need all the help you can get.

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