Live Updates: May Day 2018


As entertaining as reports of violence would make this thread, I hope things are calm. Something about this day makes a lot of people into real assholes. I look forward to seeing the wild costumes and native dress, though. I think we can all appreciate that aspect.
@1) Ditto, I am fully over these wallflowers who drive up from Oregon to cause problems here on May 1. One guy arrested for being a fucko here on Mayday was a turnip from Wisconsin. He tromped his worthless way here to throw molotov beer bottles into crowds of people. The cops found the stupid fuck and he now has time to reconsider his decisions in life. May it be so for all these wanks.

While I am technically against arbitrary violence, but I will laugh if a few stray bullets drop some ersatz anarchists
I didn't even remember it was May Day. Nobody gives a hot shit down here.

I guess the longer term unemployed have something to do today.


sweet string of tweets. tremendous reporting.


The leisure class want to save us from ourselves.

Thanks, but no thanks to the turd stew of ideas swirling around that toilet of a parade.


Breaking at 5:25 p.m., 3rd and Union: small group of perhaps 20 persons dressed in dark colors, some with signs. They are closely followed by approximately 250 SPD officers on bikes. The group they are following are politely waiting for walk signals before crossing; the cops are not, and now traffic is a mess.


"A fight about the wall at Boylston and Pike"- there's a wall at Boylston and Pike?


Idiotic ideologies aside, I can't think of a more dumb name than "proud boys". Is there some historical association with that name that I am not aware of?



You're in for a real treat, then, when you find out where they took the name from.

The alt-right has embraced kitch and irony to a degree that even hipsters and old drag queens find tedious, and the reason they've gone down that road has at least a little to do with the kerbaffled enflusterment of people who don't quite understand what they're up to.

So... consider yourself freaked, square?



As did those of us employed by companies that value the concept of civic engagement and gave us time off to attend...


"The spokesperson said they would not go out of their way to protect Jeff Bezos' balls."

Ouch. He's got glass balls, is what I've heard.


So the 'Proud Boys' were about 20 White Supremacist [sic] losers? question is: What did 'The Boys' do after this stunning triumph?


According to wiki the group takes its name from the showtune "Proud of Your Boy," a song introduced in the 2011 stage-show version of Disney's Aladdin in which the title character apologizes to his mother.
But, yeah; 'pride'; what a looney concept to celebrate.


Unemployment is drastically down, maybe enough of the yearly rioters got jobs.


@10, You’ve never heard of White Pride before?

“Aladdin” lol ok sure guys


@16 still a lot of protesters out during the day. I had to stay at work to pay the taxes for all the failed social spending the City Council enjoys engaging in.


I heard of only one arrest during the event. Seems that people were actually behaving (for the most part) this year!


So they're "reclaiming" the word from the Gay Pride movement?

Wouldn't it just be easier for them to come out of the closet?