Michelle Wolf: Let's Talk About Periods with Men



I'm not a big fan of her delivery (she always sounds like she's just about to break into laughter the same way Jimmy Fallon does, and I find it distracting), but her writing is damn solid. I'm looking forward to checking out her Netflix show once it's available, but for now, I'm greatly entertained by the right-wing freakout she's causing.

I've somehow missed the Terry Gross interview too. I plan to listen to it tonight.


Thank you for your comments. Yes! We really need to talk about periods, hot flashes, menopause, etc etc. I've been doing that with my nephew who is 27 now, since he was small. Sometimes he says "TMI,Auntie!" but most of the time he listens. He's had various girlfriends, so maybe he applies what he's learned from me. It's a start.


Clearly, to have rocked the Broflakesphere into spasms of pants-shitting hysterics Wolf MUST be doing something right.

One second the Tighty-Righties are squealing about their god-given first amendment right to goose step in the town square while their Commandant Bone-Spurs hurls porcine abuse at any women that dares decline to be raped — the next second they're twisting their offended khaki panties over a lady comic. Because she dares call liars "liars."

Ich glaub mich knutscht ein Elch!

They just cannot make up their infinitesimal minds.


More time off for everyone with pay. Women can lead the way because more time off is better for our health.

Don’t forget old people (Many women) that need increases in social security just to pay living costs. Women’s needs are vital let the movement begin.


@3 - Consistency was never really a component of good cultural control / brainwashing.

In fact, inconsistency of rules (and enforcement) is quite usefully destabilizing.

Send your boyfriends/partners to go buy your 'pons! Teach them how to use cold water to wash the blood out of your knickers! Demystify!
100% support of this.


If you tell your bosses you can't work because of your period, this will be spread around as an excuse for not hiring women or paying them less. Or at least it will in capitalism, which we're saddled with at the moment. I don't know how you want to solve that problem, but it's not like telling your nephew.


I don't understand why Haberman had a problem with Wolf's set. She didn't say anything that wasn't true about Trump's Press and Communication people. They do lie, constantly, and they excuse the horrible things Trump does by attacking the Media, and call everyone else liars and criminals constantly. So why is it okay for Huckabee-Sanders and Conway to lie, but not okay for Wolf to call them liars? Is it because Wolf is a female comedian?


Wolf was fucking HILARIOUS.
A joke is a serious thing - Lenny Bruce


If men had periods and could get pregnant--just think how many abortion clinics would suddenly outnumber the churches. Viagra would be banned.
@7 iseult: Spot on and agreed.


Mr Knat - She sounds like the love child of Victoria Jackson and Judy Gold. FTWL.

Ms Iseult - We seem to be in completely tribal times, and it looks irreparable. Should there ever be another Democratic president, the Republicans will be calling for impeachment quicker than the Democrats did this time. Gender is irrelevant to humour. The comic of your tribe will be the most hilarious person ever and the comic of the other tribe a talent-void hack.

It's the repudiation of Mr Wilde's statement that there is no such thing as a moral or immoral book, its being all that books are well or badly written. That can easily be expanded to jokes if we throw in delivery as well.

Ms Grizelda - If men had periods and could get pregnant, and women couldn't figure out how to get control of the government, that would be more of an indictment of women.

I agree with the idea that a group sufficiently in power will selfishly advance its own concerns.


I'm with @6 (Anarcissie) on this one.

If you're in the USA, you don't live in Scandinavia or any region that promotes life-work balance, provides generous equivalent female/male paid parenting time off, let alone values people being proactive with their own health by providing universal health care for the benefit of society. Is the denigrated "Mommy track" a slogan of the past yet or are we going to add "Tampon track"?

Why are men's life spans generally shorter than women's? Because they STILL won't go to a doctor unless nagged or the condition is extreme ... since they refuse to admit to weakness, especially in front of other men.

Against such an uneven playing field (where bosses don't mind if men work themselves to death and often praise them for their dedication!), I can't see women not being penalized for their honesty. Sure, ditch the euphemisms around people who are close to you and strive to achieve more predominantly female-led, supportive environments where you can take time off without a financial or career setback. Hmm, maybe it's time to do a sequel to "Nine to Five".



I very much want my nieces to have all the same opportunities in work and pay as my nephews. I want them to feel it's their right and duty to tell HR about inappropriate or abusive coworker behavior. Better, that they can tell the abusive coworker to knock it off without fear of repercussions.

But it's simply a fact that female employees cost more in medical insurance. They take more time off for illness or personal reasons. By biological necessity the female parent will be the one taking significant leave for childbirth. The father could and should take time as well, but in practical terms he won't be delivering the baby or recovering physically from doing so.

Ignoring legitimate business interests in assessing women in the workplace is as unproductive as ignoring legitimate sexism is repugnant.


Having said that-

Shrill vulgar people like Ms Wolf need divisive things like talking about socially inappropriate topics to mask their essential lack of a sense of humor.

Using uncomfortable humor to make a point (Brit comedy does this really well) is one thing. Using genial humor to open a conversation is also often useful. Think Mark Twain who was a very opinionated social commenter using humor as a vehicle. What made her roast of the president and his staff unfunny wasn't the topic or the acerbic note. That's pretty standard and often quite funny. It was that it served no other purpose than venting her personal feelings.


@6,11 -- Making decisions out of fear, while a rational & self-preservational thing to do, is not a great basis for society, and leads to co-dependency.
I'm not saying that we live in a lovey-dovey society, and that our world isn't already steeped in fear & coercion, and that there will not be retaliation or sexist justifications for men's & women's different biological needs and realities. ... Just that I look forward to creating a society where we don't have to hide or be afraid of very normal requests & considerations.

@12 - Yes, because 'legitimate business interests' is the center around which we should structure society.

@13 - "Shrill vulgar people like Mr Trump need divisive things like talking about socially inappropriate topics to mask their essential lack of a sense of humor."
Fixed it for you.

"it served no other purpose than venting her personal feelings."
...and the personal feelings of many, many other Americans. And Europeans. And South & Central Americans. And Canadians. And so many other people around the globe.

A good comic gives voice to the silent thoughts of the many.


Her career is going to SKY ROCKET after this...Not really, I lied.


@12 You've just made an argument in support of ageism too, so cool. Fire every woman and every person over 40! We have legitimate business interests to consider!



I don't have any current data but recall from a dozen years ago that Japan was going through a crisis of an aging population that wasn't replacing itself. Why? Because - beyond the country's reluctance to increase immigration - too many women were simply fed up with the status quo of a male-oriented society; women delayed getting married (a shocker, as there was such a stigma associated with being unmarried at, say, 25) and expressed their disinclination for having ANY children, let alone a number required to offset population loss.

I'd say that population loss and societal upheaval would fuck up more than any "legitimate business interests". And isn't it time for society to get over the fact that - unless/until artificial wombs become a reality - women should not be punished (even the minimal protection of paid maternity leave would help) for needing time off for reproductive self-care.



A good comic voice can give voice to the silent thoughts of the many.

Too bad Me Wolf has no comic voice. Only an intensely irritating one mouthing supposed jokes devoid of humor