In Lawsuit, Ed Murray's Former Foster Son Says "Political Elite" Were Complicit in Defamation



Regardless of whether or not he was actually molested, overreach may lead people to think he’s a con artist looking for a handout and that his lawyer is an opportunist.


Seeking justice is not overreach. Opportunism is legal bed-rock.


@1 that's what they said about Delvon Heckard and his lawyer. Why do we hate abuse survivors so much?


I am just glad not to see another photo of Murray...thank you!


This lawsuit is nothing but an attempt to shake our city down for a payout such as Delvonn Heckard received. Suing City Council Members for not investigating a 35-year-old rape allegation with no evidence? How, exactly, were they supposed to do this — issue subpoenas to persons living in another state who may or may not still be alive? The allegations had been investigated by the local police at the time, and the local prosecutor had declined to seek indictments. What would a City Council Member from a city in another state be able to do, decades later, that the local police and prosecutor hadn’t already done?

I hope the city contests this. Simpson’s claim that he wasn’t bigoted against gays is going to sit rather oddly as our city’s attorneys force him to recount his involvement with Ken Hutcherson, raging bigot extraordinaire.


@3 I also think Heckard’s settlement was an overreach. As a tax payer, i resent having to pay $150k to somebody because they got their feelings hurt after suing a public official I didn’t even vote for. The public official didn’t molest or rape these people during his tenure. Suing the city after the official was fired is looking for an easy handout rather than looking for Justice.

Heckard changing his lawsuit to include the city was also looking for a handout rather than Justice. We should counter sue for the costs of defending the lawsuit.


@6: Speaking of over-reach, it also sounds as if Simpson wanted to sue every voter in Seattle for our having elected Mayor Durkan:

“...watching future leaders of the community accept Mr. Murray’s endorsement,”

Apparently, once someone is accused by somebody of something, everyone associated with the accused in any way, shape, or form can be sued. (And we taxpayers have to pay, when we hadn’t even known there were any allegations during Murray’s mayoral election.)


Really... So The Stranger is going to bury its head in the sand and pretend that the absolute shit show at Sawant's rally yesterday, and the general storm brewing around the Head Tax, isn't a thing???

Fuck... I remember when, agree with it or not, The Stranger was something "more" than the Seattle Weekly because it at least talked about things that happened. Shame on you. You've actually made me miss the ECB days..... I guess this place really is just an entertainment mag now.


It would be easier to take him seriously if he wasn’t wearing overalls


I'm sorry he was abused, etc. With that said, he's just looking for some cash. Go after Murray all you want, but leave us out of it. (yes, I know that in WA state you can sue the government for things politicians said. That's a stupid law. We should be the one suing Murray for inflicting all this garbage on us.)


The lawsuit is a bit of show, you can't really sue someone for not condeming a man who has been accused but not convicted. If so we'd all be sued.


@8 The Stranger would but the City Council and Comintern President Sawant haven't provided directions as to what to say. But I'm sure those iron workers weren't really union members or really even people.

But the reality is The Stranger avoids stories that don't sell the narrative: those just don't happen.


The Stranger might find itself involved in Simpson’s suit, as it quoted him saying he’d never accused anyone other than Murray of having molested him. But the Oregon CPS report clearly describes Simpson accusing two of his former foster parents, Murray and another person, of each having molested him. If this case goes to court, our City’s counsel may ask reporters from The Stranger to help clarify that contradiction.


On the Sawant front, I'm conflicted. I don't stand with her on blaming Amazon for everything and crediting it with nothing. However I've also had my wife be intimidated by union thugs when she and other volunteers were protesting agains King County Animal Control. I abhore these types of tactics on both sides - especially when physical threats/posturing are involved.


@14. Yeah, construction workers are scary! It’s ok to shout people down, but only if you’re a scrawny, white kid in college.

You can’t be dirty and big and loud and usually (shudder) a man if you’re going to voice dissent. That’s just oppressive.

Elitist much?


"Union Thugs" lolz.....


@7, @10 - agreed - excessive litigation tactics against the city is not right. I imagine the city has insurance plans for these, but still.