Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Hole Truth



Learn something every day!


Since this is from 2007 and has therefore already been hashed out, I'm just going say that kangaroos have three vaginas. I have no idea what the Creation Museum has to say about that.


I think I would err on providing that information sooner rather than later, in part dictated by how often you have to "redirect" your partners' cocks, how deftly that can be done, and the discomfort you feel when he is in your other vagina. If your partner could completely withdraw from your body, and then thrust himself back into you, but not reliably end up in your "better" vagina, and cause you pain, then he needs to know upfront. Otherwise, I would let him know after you've had sex on a few nights, and think you're going to see him regularly.

When you do let a partner know, your delivery should be very nonchalant. "Hey, sometimes during sex you may see me do X, if I do its because Y. It's not a big deal, and I didn't know about it when I first starting have sex, but I didn't want you wondering what I was doing."


I have this also. I’m about to turn fifty. I found out in my twenties and my first doctor and first few boyfriends missed it.
It usually comes up in conversation along the way and being that I always have to tell new doctors, no boyfriend has ever been bothered by it.
All of my friends immediately started referring to me as the Goddess of Fertility and anyone who has known me for any length of time eventually asks why I got that name. It makes the conversation easy. Maybe it’s strange that I was so excited but a medical oddity that I told everyone when I found out, but it has certainly made it a non-issue in my life.


I knew a woman years ago that had this situation going on. She had sex comfortably in both and had two children, one carried full term in each uterus. She was like a super hero to me.


A reproductive developmental atypicality I hadn't heard of before! (I apparently missed the first run.) Thanks, VAG and Dan!

For readers with a similar condition (who are similarly unsure how to approach disclosure), I'd recommend disclosing as you're approaching pants-off sexytimes, especially since one vaginal is "better" than the other. If that freaks someone out, good: you've discovered that ze can't deal with unconventional anatomy - and, specifically, YOUR unconventional anatomy - early, before developing a stronger emotional bond that will be more painful to break. And if your partner doesn't bolt, then ze has the needed information to make penetrative sex better by penetrating the vagina you prefer.

As always, rejection is a gift that allows you to stop wasting your time, not an objective judgement of your worth.


I think Dan is wrong - it looks like didelphic uterus is more common, but they're beyond the cervix, where penis's do not venture. That she redirected her partner to her "better vagina" indicates she actually does have two vaginas; or at least a band of tissue that separates her vaginal canal into two (although they both lead to the same singular cervix).

Anywho, if sex goes off without a hitch, it's something I'd divulge 2-6 months into a relationship, as a little quirk; like an allergy or obscure phobia, or family member who is in jail/famous/etc.


Two clitorises too? If so, you may have hit the jackpot, and will want to specifically hunt down guys with above-average cunniligus skills, interest, and stamina...


I remember dating a guy in college who had but one ball. I equate this to that - although he didn't have to tell me before he dropped trou as I would have presumably seen/felt, he mentioned it I think like over dinner or something. I was fine with it. I eventually named him Psycho Pete for entirely different reasons.
With a vag, especially if one is more comfortable/pleasurable, I think I'd bring it up sooner than later. Granted I don't have a penis but I've heard they're pretty sensitive so I think the better vag feels different from the less-than vag for the penis just as it does for the owner of the vaginas.


@6, "As always, rejection is a gift that allows you to stop wasting your time, not an objective judgement of your worth." Brilliantly put, and I plan to quote you often. Hope that is okay with you, my friend.


I'd reveal this way: "Hey Honey, how'd you like two vags at once?"


Are there no Real Men out there with two dicks anymore?

I might suggest a handsome pair of Siamese Twins, then.
Wait -- is that ... how many would that be?


Gotta say it:. I think that's really cool. No pressure to the multiply vagina-ed, but if it's just that one is a bit better than the other, rather than that one is painful, it would be incredibly cool if a little gentle work with small toys could get you to the point where you could use both. Now there's a goddess of fertility I might worship.

Goddess ZsaZsa, can you use both?



Best advice. stands up and begins slow clap


Sport @7, it can be two uteruses with two cervixea and one vagina, but less often a woman is blessed with two vaginas. For example, Omar @5's superheroine friend (the true Wonder Woman) "had sex comfortably in both," which indicates that she also had two vaginas, and got pregnant once on each uterus, indicating that she did have a didelphic uterus. The idea of being able to decide which uterus to try to get pregnant in blows my mind.

The pedant in me needs to say that Omar probably meant that his friend could have sex comfortably in "either" vagina, not "both." If she can have sex comfortably in both, she must live a very interesting life.

Either way, she's a superhero goddess in my book..


This letter is ten years old. In that time, how many "geniuses" has The Stranger crowned? And has a single one of those "geniuses" written a sit-com entitled My Two Vaginas?


They have not.

It seems to me that the bar for being a Stranger Genius is extremely low, and that creativity among our artists is not to be seen.

Not even a pilot?!? For Shame.


Wow! I am more than a bit jealous. If one of the vaginas is "better," would the "less better" one work better for men with small penises? And has she ever tried triple penetration? Sorry, this is probably the reaction she DOESN'T want to get when she tells new lovers about her anatomical quirk. I'd agree with Sublime @3, tell your partner after a few shags and when you've decided you'd like to keep seeing them.


I'm grateful to Dan for the explanation since I'd never heard of the condition either. Now my question is what makes one "better"? I doubt VAG is around to answer, but I'd appreciate it so much if she did.


No Rick and Morty references?


I had one boyfriend, pretty early on, who told me I had a very complex vagina, with branches of off it.

Since no one else has ever said anything, and since I had two children, with all the requisite doctoral examination, I've worked on the assumption that he was full of shit and somehow thought that this approach would be, I dunno, sexy?

But who knows? If the incredible branching vagina is a thing, and if it's the kind of thing that even doctors can miss, maybe I do have one.


Fichu, I've also never heard of this condition, usually when people have two of something they should only have one of, they are not both fully formed and properly functioning. But she says hers are. I wonder how rare that is even among people with this condition? Since she says one is "better" and she naturally redirected to it even before understanding what was going on with her body, that must mean that one feels better- even if the other doesn't cause pain. So there must be something about the one that is more fully functioning or developed than the other. Of course this is irrelevant to her question and she doesn't have to share these details with anyone, but I too would like to know- just for curiosity's sake. It could also just be positioning- maybe they are both fully functioning but one is in the right place while the other goes a little sideways- that would feel awkward during sex without being painful in any way which could account for her natural preference even though it's fully operational (stretches and swells in all the right ways). Fascinating stuff.


BTW, I have no idea if this is real, but there are pics out there of a guy with two penises and someone wrote into reddit claiming to be that guy and answered a bunch of questions about it. No way of knowing if the guy on reddit is the same as in the pics or even if the pics are really, but I once wasted an entire morning reading this:

NSFW of course, but then you shouldn't be on this page either.


Both of mine are fully functioning. One is narrower and goes off at an angle which makes it less ideal. I would imagine this is what she meant. That’s why it gets missed by doctors and men. If one isn’t really looking it’s easy to slide right past it.


She might want to consider hooking up with the Double Dick Dude aka @DiphallicDude


"I think I would err on providing that information sooner rather than later, in part dictated by how often you have to "redirect" your partners' cocks, how deftly that can be done, and the discomfort you feel when he is in your other vagina."

I only have one vagina (as far as I know) and I have to redirect dicks for comfort all the time. If the angle of penetration is not exactly right, either penetration is not achieved at all or it's extremely unpleasant (or both).