"Those Are Sacred": A First-Person Account From the Tipi Demonstration That Shut Down Traffic



"Native people were stunned almost as badly when Seattle Police callously destroyed four sacred Native American structures."
They were "stunned" really?
America put native people in concentration camps and Lord Jeff performed biological warfare on them but they are "stunned" by this?


Separation of church and state still a thing? Or can anyone do anything as long as the erect a replica of something with religious significance first?



You're a moron repeating revisionist lies.


In a sane world anyone involved would now be in jail on felony charges as the state calculates financial damages and the restitution you owe.

Sacred structures my ass. They're glorified tents for Gods sake. Idiot.


What, exactly, were these activists expecting?

Did they seriously think that the chair (note the writer's insensitve use of the gender-biased term "chairman" - the horror!) of Pacific Northwest JP Morgan Chase was going to come out and talk with them?

Was that person even in the building?

And when, predictably, that conversation didn't happen, what was the activists' plan?

Sit there until... when, exactly? Until the cops 'negotiated' with them? Negotiated for what? What were the activists looking for that the cops were empowered to deliver?

Was there ever a realistic scenario where these activists were going to be satisfied; where they would disassemble their tarpees on their own and leave?

Of course the cops torn down those props - which were lovingly made with plastic tarps harvested in the traditional Native American way at Costco.

It sounds like these activists went to great lengths to orchestrate a very well-executed public performance - their logistics were impressively pulled off like clockwork - but dropped the ball on setting realistic expectations for what they would actually achieve.

Making the news?

Sure; done. Very well done.

Calling attention to the evils of Pacific Northwest JP Morgan Chase?

As if there's anyone left in Seattle who either doesn't already know that big banks suck, or doesn't care.

Generating public outrage that the police would 'dessecrate' those 'sacred' 'mother figure' tarpees?

Good grief.


Is this satire?


Thanks for the report.


Since when did clicking on the "Continue reading" link on the main slog page take you to another page entirely instead of just pasting in the copy so you can scroll down? This is HIGHLY annoying. This only used to happen with the "read ARTICLE" link so you KNEW if you were going to be dragged away from the main page.


Something tells me that if those activists had erected a cross instead of a tipi the cops wouldn't have sawed it in half, regardless of what it was made of. So, yeah, fuck the police.


There was an action in Belgium i think, years ago, where some native activists drove a bulldozer up to a church.
I think they were planning to go through with it, but i bet it shook down the way these things always do.


There is nothing noble in taking some obscure cause and juxtaposing it with inconveniencing (which also risks endangerment) your fellow citizens.

Next up: Let's block I5 to protest obscene profits by hedge fund mangers.


@10 "obscure" to whom, friend? And if it weren't obscure, would inconveniencing people still be horrifying?

I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro's great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen's Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to "order" than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: "I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action" ...


If I put a reliquary with a saint's bones in the middle of I-5 can I be stunned if someone drives over it?


Christ. The author calls the seemingly-inoffensive officer a “smug bastard,” then says (smugly) “we returned back downtown, all the while with our retinue of cops following behind like toy ducks on a string.”

Distracting the police in order to buy precious minutes for your oh-so-effective protest is antisocial and shitty, and bragging it after the fact here dilutes the nobility of your message.


I'm on the side of the Water. But calling these tarpees sacred is such offensive fuckjng bullsht. Go to hell with your appropriationist garbage. The ground is sacred already, it doesn't need plastic whiteness to get there. My great grandparents lived in tipis. I can type this because they survived. Natives aren't your mascots. I get why you're doing this, but stop. Assholes.


How much money did this virtue signaling prick cost taxpayers?