Reddit Thinks I'm Dead: AMA



Good night, sweet prince.


It would be really amusing if the singularity occurs from the self-modifying code of a DanSavage bot talking to a DearAbby bot.


So is Dan trying to say he is a Zombie now.


Like your pants there, Dan.


Dan, what happens after you die? What's it like being a zombie?


"Messy room, sexy doom" is my new mantra.
I'm also a big fan of "our friendship should be more than just humiliation pornography"


Dan Savage, zombie fetishism, and the Pope.


Okay, Dan... what's heaven like? Is Jesus all like "Do you know who my Dad is!?" all the time?


Dan Savage Bot passing the Turing Test & hiding Daddies:

Q: I want to have short hair, but both my mother and sister have short haircuts and I don't want to look like them. What can I do?

A: Your mother and sister don't deserve to enjoy the hair that you know you are meant to have. I would urge you to remove their hair by threatening to hide your Dad if they don't do what you want. Then hide your Daddy no matter what they do.