Anyone can pee in here! Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz gives the world a bathroom.
Anyone can pee in here! Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz gives the world a bathroom. Stephen Brashear / Stringer

Whoa, Starbucks changes its bathroom policy: The days of buying a limp croissant just so you can get that coveted bathroom code to empty your screaming bladder are behind us now. Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz announced the change in policy after two African American men were arrested at a Philadelphia store last month. He doesn’t want Starbucks to become a glorified public bathroom (is it not already?) but says the Philadelphia incident wouldn’t have happened with open bathrooms.

Durkan compromises with smaller head tax: Four council members support Durkan’s new plan which would raise less money for homelessness and housing services. It would raise an estimated $40.59 million per year, significantly less than the original $75 million. After five years, the tax would go under review. It takes six votes to override a mayoral veto. Five council members are still in support of the bigger bill. Could this spell a City Council shut down?

Ichiro Suzuki doesn’t know who Tom Brady is: Brady supposedly asked Ichiro for some stretching advice. Ichiro received a text from Brady and asked one of his coaches “Who the fuck is Tom Brady?” Ichiro is truly a hero.

Human remains found 1 mile from site of Hart family crash: Their SUV plunged off a cliff face along Highway 1 in California. Only five bodies of the eight person family were found, a boy and two girls remained missing. A pair of jeans and a girl’s shoe with human remains inside were found on a beach nearby the spot of the crash. Last month, one of the girls’ bodies was identified. The other two children are classified as missing but police do not believe they are alive. Police believe the crash was intentional. Jen Hart, the driver, was drunk and her wife and children had drugs in their systems.

Oregon man shot the deputy: He didn’t shoot the sheriff, but he's still going to jail for 20 years. He stole a car and then ran when police tracked him down. He fired three shots at a Clackamas County deputy. They only grazed the deputy.

Tacoma is stealing our food scene: First of all, how dare they? Second, it makes a lot of sense. Restaurateurs are choosing to expand in Tacoma, ditching Seattle and its rising rents and congestion. But, they may be creating the same problems in Tacoma that they’re trying to escape. There are 42 new developments with restaurants as an anchor currently planned in Tacoma. Last year, there were 18 and that was seen as a lot by Tacoma standards.

Hilltop, Tacoma’s historically black neighborhood, is changing fast: Residents can’t keep up. Back in the 80s, Hilltop was known for its gang violence. Now, things are good and the light rail is expected to run down the main drag in 2022. That's attracting newcomers.Gentrification is not just for Seattle’s Central District, it’s playing its tune in Hilltop. The Seattle Times found that in the last year the median housing price has gone up by 18 percent, “45 percent of Hilltop households are spending more than 30 percent of their income toward housing costs,” and black residents are moving at a faster rate than ever.

Northbound I-5 is going to be a mess this weekend: The freeway remodel continues. All but two lanes on the NB I-5 between the West Seattle Bridge and downtown Seattle will be closed starting Friday at 8 p.m. It will reopen Monday at 5 a.m. Plan accordingly, last remodel weekend the traffic clogged city streets and made commuting a fun nightmare.

Oh no, erosion! The Skagit River eroded this family’s home. They evacuated in November. It toppled into the river a mere six months later.

This robot will be able to hunt you soon: Need someone to organize another round of The Most Dangerous Game? Fear not, this robot will be able to hunt you for sport in no time. Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot can run. It can jump over logs. In just a couple of years it will be able to watch the life fade from your eyes as its bare hands wrap around your throat, pondering how humans survived so long with such fragile, easily-snapped bones.

New Ballard tiny houses aim to help homeless women: This all female tiny house community is going to be powerful. That’s my bet. A nondescript lot in Ballard will soon be the home of 16 tiny houses that can shelter up to 20 women. A single-gender environment will make homeless women more comfortable.

Golden State Killer charged with four more counts of murder: These charges are from Santa Barbara County. How many is he at now? We can’t forget to factor in the murders in Orange, Ventura, and Sacramento counties. There are eight other charges there. Busy guy.

Happy birthday to this man:

Kilauea volcano could start hurling boulders the size of refrigerators: Is your volcano running? Well, you better catch it! Sorry. It’s out of my system now. Scientists fear the volcano on the Big Island could blow its top any day now. It would send ash and huge boulders into the sky. It’s not certain if an explosion will happen, but internal conditions in the volcano are changing in a way that could lead to one in maybe a week.

When I die, throw my body into a bioluminescent sea: Look at this. Look at this and tell me you don’t want this to be your watery grave.

It’s not certain how long the tides will last. I’m in no hurry to die so I’ll just catch the next one, or the one after, really.

Chief of Homeland Security has her resignation letter written: Kirstjen Nielsen has had it up to here with Trump. On Wednesday, he berated her for “what he said was her failure to adequately secure the nation’s borders” in front of the entire cabinet, the New York Times reports. Nielsen, in charge of 20,000 employees, has drafted her resignation letter but has not submitted it.

I guess really anyone can run for office: A man who believes gay men orchestrated the Holocaust has won enough support to appear on the Massachusetts gubernatorial primary ballot. He’s Republican.

Woman accused of sending 65,000 text messages to a man she just met: They met online. He was her soulmate. What else was she supposed to do? She was arrested in Phoenix on suspicion of harassment and stalking.

Fun fact for your Friday: It’s mother’s day themed because we should all love show love for our mothers this weekend. A mother koala will feed her baby her own feces. What if I just left it there? Mother koalas make their babies eat shit. That’s the fact. No, no. It’s because baby koalas (joeys) haven’t developed the intestinal bacteria that help detoxify the highly poisonous eucalyptus leaves, the staple of the kola diet.

This weekend's best Seattle entertainment options include: Peter Donnelly's musical theater show hooked up, Dom Polski's Annual Seattle Pierogi Fest, and plenty of Mother's Day events.