A Message For Amazon Appeared on Rainier Tower Last Night



How rude and awful.



If you clutch those pearls any harder you're going to break the string...


"alexa, is the ridiculous far far far far left council ruining this city by making it a destation travel spot for the "homeless"?"


I think this is an innovative way to ask an important question.


"Alexa, should Amazon and other businesses be nothing more than an ATM for failed social policy for the City of Seattle?"


@1 as awful as having to pee in a bottle for fear of losing one's job?


Who do these council morons think will really be paying this tax?

They don't really believe it's the business community they loathe do they? I mean, they aren't so brain dead that the idea to business building costs into product pricing is foreign to them?

What? They really are that stupid? Huh!



Yeah, yeah, just like how the world was going to end if McDonalds had to add $0.05 to the cost of a Big Mac, because the nasty, stoopeed City gubbamint so unfairly demanded fast food workers be paid something approaching a living wage. Rest assured, little broflake, the few extra pennies you pay for your Amazon Prime order after this goes through won't break your budget.


I think these projections are witty and innovative, but I dread what will happen when the conservatives learn how to operate them.



Well, I expect they'll be in all-caps with lots of grammatical and spelling errors...


Hahahahaha! That projection is hilarious and brilliant.



I know, right? It's going to be unbearable.


That showed him.


It's projecting onto the building sometimes called the 'stake through the heart of Seattle.' That might be apropos in this case.