Slog AM: Boaters Find Rent Loophole In Ballard Marina, Head Tax Has Construction Workers Fearing For Jobs



Trump ought to be condemned for moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, but parse some credit to Congress, which passed the law mandating the move in 1995. Every president since has until now waived its requirements every six months, but the law has stayed on the books. It might be worth asking the senators and representatives (including Patty Murray, Jim McDermott and the rest of the Washington congressional delegation) who overwhelmingly voted for the act just what they were thinking.


Jerusalem is the holy city for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. No reason the embassy shouldn't be there. In the final analysis, this move is a catalyst for the peace process.


Did you guys forget Showgirls Kyle McLaughlin, or did I just miss it in the mix?


Liveaboard thing is unsurprising. Though by the time you buy the boat and pay $10 a foot moorage probably a wash compared to rent. I'm betting most just like the liveaboard life who choose this, just as when I did it a decade ago. Fwiw- The wait was a year or more at Shilshole a decade ago. Comparing waitlists for liveaboard friendly marinas inside the locks, south and north of Seattle would be more meaningful.


@2: Jerusalem is the holy city for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. To be fair to all Monotheisms, the city should be stateless; a UN protectorate. In the final analysis, no embassies should be there.

Israeli is gunning down scores of Palestinians today over your "no reason".


@1, It was done to appease the Israeli lobby while knowing full well that no sane president would ever follow through.


@2 A Catalyst for peace? Israeli snipers are massacring people today. It's a slaughter and sadly our gutless politicians from both sides of the aisle will likely remain silent.


@2 - I expect more from you.


Striking down the sports betting ban is really bad for everyone except the wealthy crooks running the operations. Huzzah? I'm guessing that's sarcastic. More people will go broke betting their kids college funds and there will be more opportunity for corruption in sport.
Meanwhile, Betsy DeVos has pulled the investigations of her friends who were running the for profit college scams. It just shows more and more that trump and co are going to keep on screwing the "regular folks" to enrich their already wealthy crooked friends.


Does the average american really give a shit where any embassy is? For me, since embassies are about diplomacy, I guess I'd locate them in the most non-controversial spot possible so as to keep things calm, you know, for diplomacy's sake.


@7: OK, I should have said "In the final analysis, I hope this move is a catalyst for the peace process."


Record-breaking ocean heat fueled Hurricane Harvey
Ocean evaporation matched up with massive overland rainfall

"We show, for the first time, that the volume of rain over land corresponds to the amount of water evaporated from the unusually warm ocean," said lead author Kevin Trenberth, an NCAR senior scientist. "As climate change continues to heat the oceans, we can expect more supercharged storms like Harvey."



I don't either. He has always been an apologist for authoritarianism.


@11 there is nothing like peace under apartheid


@8: As Nixon used to say, it's either time to shit or get off the pot. Or we could have delayed moving the embassy another ten years and have the same outcome. Take your pick, dear.



This is your pick:

"By late afternoon, at least 52 Palestinians, including five minors, were killed, the Gaza Health Ministry said. One of the minors was identified as a girl.

"The ministry said 1,204 Palestinians were shot and wounded, including 116 who were in serious or critical condition.

"The statement says about 1,200 others suffered other types of injuries, including from tear gas."


@16 Okay, then let's not move it.


13 And a few years back some scientists discovered that dogs have emotions.


Did somebody ACTUALLY say moving the embassy to Jerusalem is a "catalyst for peace?!?"

Holly fuck balls. Yes. It's such an obvious "catalyst for peace" that every single president since Eisenhower has deliberately and expressly avoiding doing so.

And doings now NOW has already cost dozens of lives.

How are people this fucking stupid? Rhetorical question. I know exactly how: Fox news.


The sad reality is that Israeli brutality comes at no political cost.
American conservatives gloat at the sight of dead Palestinians.
And the self-same liberals who were so sanctimoniously opposed to South African apartheid have long since reconciled themselves to its functional equivalent in today's Israel.


Prior to his MS worsening to the point he needed to be in a care home, Bob "Gertrude/Boris.S. Wort" Newman (who I used to work with) lived alone on his boat at the Ballard Marina and he absolutely loved it. Gave him more cash to lavish on his beloved 'vette, too.


@5, Going further. There are untold archaeological treasures to be found under Jerusalem, but phony-baloney religions prevent work from happening.
It should be a World-Heritage site and opened up for educational of all mankind.


@23: Huh? Archeologists do work in Jerusalem all the time. As a matter of fact, Jewish archaeology studies have disproved several things in the Bible, and given us a much more factual historical view.



Thank you.
You beat me to it, so I'll throw it away for you.


25 should have read:

I'll throw up a link for you.

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Has anyone at slog ever addressed the disabling of html? Is it permanent? Everyone is resentful over Sean's disabling the comments on his posts, but at least he addressed it and gave some manner of explanation. This is just odd and I can't even fathom what justification for doing so might exist.


@28: Back in the olden days, it used to be that commenters who were loose with their HTML tags could mess up the formatting of the entire blog.

My guess is that whatever spaghetti-like messy code that allowed that reality also opened up some kind of other problem that was difficult enough that the easiest solution was to eliminate HTML formatting entirely.

Just my guess.


Christ. dude, compare the count of like opening and closing tags in a post. If the number of tag matches number of /tag allow html, otherwise strip tags.

As an aside, I have a genuine question:

Do you guys think it is ok to kill nihilists?


How is it that Israel can just mow down protestors with nary a peep from our government? Do we condone and enable massacres now? Or don't their lives matter because they're Muslims?

And my dad thought the French police were brutal when they used water hoses on him and his friends in the 70's, during their student protests!


@31: how? imagine that @27 is running the country, because basically, that's who is.

Gazans should know better than to protest their imprisonment so provocatively.


There was a flurry of jordan peterson fanboy action on the most recent article about him where they all wanted to post their favorite jordan peterson blowjob profile and this was around the same time html was disabled.


If only we could force everyone to abandon Jerusalem, bulldoze it, transport all our garbage heaps there, and hit it with a fucking nuke so this moronic bullshit could be over with. No more Christians trying to bring about the second coming by manipulating Jews and Muslims. The Jews can stop pretending this piece of land is actually worth having and holding the world hostage over it. And Muslims have one less area they have to victimize themselves over.

As for the nationals, we can annex New Mexico for the Palestinians and Florida for the Israelis.


@16 - ffs.


@24) MORON, the VAST MAJORITY of Jerusalem is completely off-limits to digging of ANY SORT. I did not say it has never ever never had a shovel in it, and why you rush to think that shows how fucking simple minded you are.
I gave you a chance to not look stupid and you just could not take it.


I knew a girl who was a live-aboard, way back in the 90s. She had a slip and her dad was in the next slip. They were decidedly not rich.

What's the loophole, reporter?


@24) And no, digging there does not happen 'all the time'. Do you not realize that this piece of earth is hotly contested by every irrational religious nut who beats a pot and howls at the moon?



Yeah, not sure to what the headline is referring, given that liveaboards have been around literally as long as there have been marinas in this area. It's not exactly a huge secret (I was a liveaboard myself for about five years at both Shilshole and AGC at SLU). If you own your boat outright it's a lot cheaper than renting on-the-hard, but of course there's a very good reason people call boats "a hole in the water where you pour all your money", because of the relatively high maintenance costs. That said, if you are into living a spartan lifestyle, don't have a lot of stuff, don't need much space, and like to travel, it's not a bad way to go.


The top two listings when googling “archaeological digs Jerusalem timeline”

34, only if we can create a canyon filled with fire, razor wire, sharks, and OxyContin from sea to shining sea after you enact your plan.

New Mexico has some fucking beautiful topography.


Nobody lives on a boat to save money. Once upon a time in my youth, I lived on a boat. At Shilshole, as a matter of fact. At that time there was a 7-year waiting list, so it is apparently much shorter now. The marina rent itself might be less than an apartment, but not once you add in the cost of a boat. And living on a boat is a pretty tight space, suitable mostly for singles, barely big enough for a couple, depending on the size of the boat. It's not for everyone. Everyone I knew back then that lived on a boat did so because they were really, really into boating, not because it saved them any money. I doubt that's changed.


@36: You are mad because you are wrong.