In New Disclosure, Google Releases Far More Seattle Election Ad Purchases Than Previously Revealed



Lindsay got spanked, though. Really spanked.

Fake claims online, targeted at entitled white people, don't work for everyone like they do for Trump. You really need a lot of non-college educated voters in your electorate. A good share of high school dropouts, if you can manage. Michigan, Wisconsin. If a big majority of your voters are educated, well, forget it. Just forget it.

It's just never going to work in Seattle. No matter how much online noise you gin up, on election day, a fuckton of college-educated Seattle voters are going to hand you your ass. An intelligent critique of Seattle liberals exists. You could build a case based on an intelligent argument. But this anti-intelligent, anti-intellectual, alternative facts, know-nothing argument? That gets you 25%. You already get 25% with <candidate name here> written on the ballot. That's your baseline. The rubes who believe fake crime statistics were already going to vote against whoever's name is next to <candidate name here>.

Never going to work, guys. My advice to Seattle's center and center-right is to be intelligent. Also life is not fair, babies. Learn it.