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In Team Hurricane, eight teenage girls use a youth center as the launchpad for what could very well be eventual world domination. Director Annika Berg’s shot-out-of-a-cannon debut impressively delineates between the different characters without ever slowing down, while also curating an absolute riot of colors and seemingly random imagery. (Even the subtitles have a neon Otter Pop glow.) A sensitive, funny (an increasingly awkward sex-ed sequence is particularly sharp), and highly caffeinated film that empowers without a whiff of condescension. As far as modern-day mission statements go, “Lets just overdo it and totally own it” isn’t bad at all, really.

Team Hurricane screens each day this weekend (May 18-20) at the 44th annual Seattle International Film Festival, which happens May 18-June 10. Showtimes for Team Hurricane here; more recommended SIFF films here; and all SIFF films here.

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