Rent bidding is just maybe the worse idea involving renting I can think of.


This is about housing, not some trinket you can buy on an auction site. SHAME



"Routine business practice", eh? When was the last time - or really, ANY time - you heard of, say, a commercial landlord putting rental property up for auction? If they did, companies would be suing THEM from now until doomsday.


Yeah, I'm with @1,@3,@4 on this one.


So much more goes into being a good tenant than a willingness to pay top dollar (or in this case, $20 more than the other applicants), a smart landlord wouldn't touch any of these rent auction services. Maybe Rentberry (gross name) and Bidwell plan to vertically integrate and offer a service in which you bid for a good eviction lawyer?


I agree with @6. This seems like a really stupid way to pick your tenants. Those who have bad records with prior landlords or are otherwise bad risks and are having trouble finding a place are the ones who are going to be motivated to bid high. You'd be giving up way too much control, just like with the first in time law.



On the other hand, not every great tenant is going to be the sort who is willing and able to provide a letter of introduction, six months of pay stubs, SAT scores at the 70th percentile or better, a pilot's license, an anti-pet-league membership card, certificate of sound gastrointestinal microbecology, three fine lambs of at least two stone each, and a scented candle, but not vanilla please, some sort of interesting exotic spice would better.


Yeah, I'm with @1 @3 @4 @5 @6 & @7 on this, too. Talk about putting gentrification in hyperspeed. Only the richest need apply.

And yet again, the conservative Pacific Legal Foundation is working to strike down progressive legislation. Hey Seattle? Do you want your legal framework decided by elected officials who we can hold accountable or by a libertarian law firm in Bellevue with deep pockets? PLF was launched by Ronald Reagan's "welfare reform" team, is paid for by the Koch Brothers, and does GOP/Paul Ryan's bidding whether it's striking down pesky environmental regulations or claiming property rights are sacrosanct. No thanks!

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