Slog AM: Seattle Is The Fastest Growing City Of The Decade, Phoenix Poaches Business After Head Tax, A Sexier Space Needle



Trump had help with that letter didn't he?


Re: The (Now Cancelled, As If It Was Ever Going To Happen In The First Place) North Korea Summit:

Hate to say "I told you so", but - oh, actually, no, I don't...


Love the alley updates, keep up the great work Nathalie


I got a chuckle from the response of South Korea to the summit cancellation-
“We are attempting to make sense of what, precisely, President Trump means" say the SK Presidential spokesman.
Yeah, well good luck with that.


Once Phoenix and/or Tacoma have lured away Amazon (or whoever) with their anti-head tax, I propose we provide bus tickets to that city for all the homeless.


“please do not hesitate to call me or write”

Are you fucking kidding me with this shit

@1 maybe with grammar and spelling but not from anyone who has any idea wtf they’re doing



Yes, well I was totally impressed with that heading and salutation.


Trump chokeslammed through the center of the Earth by this EPIC clapback from the NK government!

resist #notmypresident #NK4ever #imbleechdrumphf #resistance #resistence #nukemedaddy #peetapeislegit #bringbackgawker


@8: You're dumb.



I know he's trying to be clever, but I have no idea what he's trying to say. But I do recall him advancing the idea that Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize at exactly the same time all the other nuts were, and in the same way of trying to overlook Trump's inadequacies by attacking Obama.


Phoenix is basically as good as Seattle, I bet bright youths are just salivating to move there...


@8: If making up hashtags is what you need to do to some how pretend that this is anything but a horrible situation that we all knew was inevitable considering the personalities involved, then please continue.
No really, keep showing your ass.


@9, 10, 12: Ted is simply lampooning the impotent frustration of "The Left" in the face of President Asshole's mercurial autocratic whims. Even I get annoyed at Twitter "slams". So pithy, so useless.

Kim and Trump are engaged in a corpulent pas de deux whose only purpose it headline-hijacking. We talk about NK, the Nobel Prize, what cunt either of them are to the other, and not about Eliot Broidy (and his wife) taking the fall for Trump impregnating a Playmate and paying her 1.6 million dollars to abort the fetus. Which was an illegal campaign donation.


Did you call anyone about this person who was obviously having a mental break or did you just laugh at him in the safety of your living room?


Offering a better business environment is hardly "poaching". Those protesting other cities actions are disingenuous and are really showing their true color as anti-capitialist demagogues.


To be fair, 98 degrees in the desert actually doesn't feel that bad. The heat does start to wear on you come August and September, but the old saw about it being a dry heat actually does apply: keep yourself hydrated and it's quite livable.

Plus, you actually see the sun every day. Very helpful if you are affected by seasonal affective disorder.


Phoenix is an unbearable place to live. I lived there for a few years, no thanks. It's a fucking desert and the urban sprawl goes on for miles. If you like sitting in an oven rolling down endless stretches of highway, then Phoenix is for you.

I do miss all the hummingbirds though.


Does Arizona have an income tax, unlike us here in state income-tax-free haven (and also federal income-tax-free haven for Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.)? Is Phoenix planning to offer a negative tax rate to these lovely companies they're courting? Let them go, summer traffic is beyond unbearable. Took me an hour to traverse 12 blocks downtown the other day! Start adding up ALL the costs of having the robber baron companies here, not just get scammed by their self serving shit. CEOs paid hundreds of millions while their workers are on public assistance, and we're brainwashed into believing they shouldn't have to pay anything towards the infrastructure that they use to make their billions! Fuck that! This is the same tactics they used to kill the state income tax. Start fighting against it or prepare to keep paying - for the roads, and utilities, and police, and medicaid, and.. and.. and.. - with ever higher property taxes, sales taxes, rent, tabs.. The state cannot provide its services and maintain infrastructure without money. Someone has to pay, if the corporations don't, that means WE are the ones who pay!


"I rated him [Trump] second sexiest in the Trump cabinet in The Stranger’s sex survey."

I know the choices sucked Nathalie, but really? really??


By the time Bezos were to build out Phoenix to accommodate 40,000-plus workers the way he has Seattle, Anthropomorphic Climate Change will have already made the area too hot for human beings to live there comfortably, unless of course he also simultaneously buys up all the water rights within about a 500 mile radius.


@ 16 & 17,

The choking dust storms and dwindling water supplies are the best parts about Phoenix, along with the hordes of psychotic, hate-KKKrazed old, leathery white people.


The dynamics we have with Big Biz in this country is just like a bloody abusive marriage, they hand out the outrageous demands and abuse, and we're too afraid of them to stand up for ourselves! No wonder we have Herr Gropenführer as President!


@ 10,

It's truly hilarious that xenophobic, anti-intellectual, submoronic, America-Fisting Republinazis are so obsessed with what a star chamber of Swedish academics think.


@13: Come on man, it was just starting to get good, there were already three of them struggling to understand why exactly they were so mad.

On a more serious note, I hope you all never change.


@24, did Bill Clinton get nominated for a Nobel prize?


Without Hoover Dam, Phoenix would be no bigger than Scapoose Oregon. People wanting to move/live their should read the book called 'Collapse'. Desserts are not places large populations of humans should live.



OTOH, prices on those commemorative medallions the WHCA had minted in anticipation of the summit are already being discounted - get 'em while they last, rubes!


Phoenix, take some of our tech-bros... Please!

They are "Offering a better business environment.." --- Sure! Whatever! Any port in a storm! Because 'business environments' are more important than 'people environments', or just the regular 'environment'! Let's make sure that people will accept the lowest-possible wage, so that business can make the highest possible profit, so that their anonymous "stock holders" benefit from doing practically nothing at all! It's really a brilliant system... best of all possible worlds, IMHO.

"..purple cowboy hat..."
Bath salts?


The internet is for pedantry: that magma is lava now, because it's reached the surface.


Let’s see - bans immigrants, turns away refugees, threatens nuclear war, withdraws from environmental and nuclear agreements, defends white supremacy. Someone give this man a peace prize already!


@14 Who were they supposed to call?


SLOG Why are you linking to a kickstarter page that ended months ago?


I don't get it. Trump is the King of Dealmakers. By sheer force of his personality he was going to convince Kim to give up his entire nuclear capability. In return Trump would give Kim a check for $130,000, a "Make America Great Again" hat and Stormy Daniels phone number.
How could Kim resist the forces of history like that? Well, I guess Trump will have to wait on his Nobel Prize until he cures cancer.


@33- don't particularly care but surely the staff of the all compassionate Stranger would have all that info at their fingertips. She could have at least made contact with him, offered her home and a spot of tea but she chose to ridicule him in her column. Well done.


@14: do you call to report every street Schizo you see in Seattle? no, you don't. you'd be on the phone all fucking day. Natalie does what every good citizen does: let the microchips that Obama put in their skulls track them.


Ah glorious Arizona, with it's income tax about 4x what the head tax will be on a minimum wage employee, and about 50x what it will be on a $250k employee. Clearly the thoughtful tax avoider will run, not walk, to Arizona.


Am I the only one excited about the Space Needle?


@26 The Hoover Dam produces electricity, not water. And it is on the Colorado River, not the Rio Salado. About 20% of its electrical generation goes to Arizona. Another 25% or so goes to Nevada. The rest goes to southern California.

The Rio Salado, which does flow through Phoenix (or did until being almost entirely diverted for human uses) actually would flow throughout the entire year were it not for it being used to support a city and agriculture.

But deserts with reliable year-round rivers flowing through them have been settled by humans and turned into urban landscapes since the very birth of civilization in places like Egypt and Mesopotamia.

And sure enough, the Rio Salado supported extensive Native civilizations. The area has had settlements extending back as far as 4000 years ago. 1000 years ago, the Hohokam built an large, urbanized civilization supported by over 100,000 acres of irrigated desert. Their irrigation canals remained in use to varying degrees in the centuries that followed; current Salt River Project canals often will follow canals originally created by the Hohokam.

Incidentally, Wikipedia tells me that Scappoose, OR has a population of 6592. At its height, the Hohokam are estimated to have numbered 50,000. By comparison, the population of London in 1100 was 15,000 and the population of Paris in 1000 was 20,000.