Freakout Records co-owner Skyler Locatelli is psyched to get you grooving, with many different musical styles.
Freakout Records co-owner Skyler Locatelli is psyched to get you grooving, with many different musical styles. Andrew Imanaka

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SKYLER LOCATELLI (Freakout Records)

Current top 5 tracks:

Yuno, "Why For" (Sub Pop)
"Working at KEXP always presents opportunities to meet artists. About a month ago, Ishmael Butler was chillin’ at the station and he introduces me to Yuno and we chat for minute. Having never heard of his music didn’t matter; he was hanging with Ish (Sub Pop’s A&R), so I knew immediately to check him out. Went back to my desk and his latest single 'Why For' had just dropped. It’s been on repeat ever since and I love sharing this track to all. In case you’re curious, Yuno was at KEXP to be interviewed by our content team before he opened up for Little Dragon at the Crocodile that night, which sadly I missed. He’ll be back soon."

Matthew Dear, "Modalfini Blues" (Ghostly International)
"I first saw and met Matthew Dear at Chop Suey about 15 years ago, and ever since his artistry never ceases to amaze me, and I won’t miss an opportunity to see him live in any of his many monikers. This single came out last year and it has kept his fans company as we all impatiently await for the full record to drop."

Kitty Crimes, "Two Tens" (self-released)
"Discovered Kitty Crimes at Treefort Music Festival this year and I am very excited to see this artist develop further. The single 'Two Tens' dropped in March, followed by the debut release of Crimes of the Kitty, Vol. 2. '"Two Tens" is a femme anthem about gay sex, with flowers.' Need you hear more? Keep an eye out for what KC is up to and check out more of her videos on YouTube."

Flash & the Pan, "Hole in the Middle" (Epic)
"This gem of a track from 1978 from Australia’s new-wave group Flash & the Pan is bound to get the knees shaking, feet grooving, and butts to the ground. Formed by Harry Vanda and George Young (older brother to AC/DC’s Malcolm and Angus), F&TP cut six records in all. I found three of them on vinyl at Silver Platters for a total of $12. 'Hole in the Middle' is off their debut self-titled record, which boasts one of my favorite album covers… Funny side note: Last time I saw the Growlers, they walked on stage to this song and the only online version of it is a looped video of chocolate pouring over donuts."

Roman GianArthur, "I-69" (Wondaland)
"You’ll likely hear me play this track right after 'Hole in the Middle.' This R&B gem was Roman’s debut single, released in April 2017. It’s a track that you can’t get enough of and end up starting it over and over as well as belting out the lyrics 'I tell you the best/Woah-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.' I’d love to see Roman perform; let’s bring him to Seattle ASAP."

Crew/label affiliation: "Co-founder of Freakout Records and Festival."

Styles played: "Contrary to these tracks, my record collection is predominately psychedelic rock from the '60s to present day. I love to DJ psych in all its forms, but got my DJ start as my college radio station’s electronic music director and early on focused on playing out at parties in Seattle—minimal-techno, leaning heavily on dub-influenced sounds. Depending on the DJ night, I’ll spin pretty much all styles of music."

Events organized: "Freakout is a record label, but also a presenter of shows and force behind our annual festival in Ballard that happens in November. Coming up we are presenting some shows in June and August as well as continuing our Artist DJ Series we kicked off in February/March."

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DJing philosophy: "The best DJs mix and beat-match tracks with fluidity. I also think it is very important to not stubbornly stick to the set you intended to play. I really like to fill two bags of records and just pick the next track on the fly while paying attention to who’s listening and the vibe in the room. I love seeing people get into a groove, and if they’re not, figuring out what it will take [to do that] without compromising your personal taste."

Format: "Vinyl; love the sound and it can’t be replicated."

Worst request: "About a decade ago, I did a monthly night at the Triple Door Musicquarium. I’d get all kind of requests, mostly Top 40. The worst, though, was a fairly intoxicated woman who was so adamant I play ABBA’s 'Dancing Queen,' even though I said I don’t have access to the track. She asked me three times… On the flipside, I dig it when someone comes up to you to ask about songs you’re playing that they’ve never heard and want to learn more."

Upcoming events: "We are planning the next Freakout DJ series to kick off in June, we’ll do a night at Corvus & Co. that local record selector DJ VI books, as well as a monthly residency at Screwdriver Bar featuring local artists crafting DJ sets while the bartenders create psychedelic slushies (worst hangover ever). Find Freakout on Instagram and Facebook as well as and"

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