Savory Hall in the UW quad was the site of yesterdays bomb threat prank.
Savory Hall in the UW quad was the site of yesterday's bomb threat prank. gregobagel

Amazon is all talk: The tech giant keeps threatening to slow its growth in Seattle. There’s little reason to believe that’s actually happening. Especially since there have been 1,200 Amazon job ads posted here since the first threats. It would also be such a headache for Amazon to extract itself and its employees from Seattle. Based on real estate leases alone, Amazon will probably be stuck in Seattle for at least another decade.

Native Americans challenge results of homelessness count: The 2018 report determined that the number of homeless Native Americans “fell from 6 to 3 percent,” reports the Seattle Times. Native-led organizations are disputing these numbers. These results could mislead people into thinking that Native American homelessness is no longer an issue. It could also negatively impact funding of Native-led homeless service organizations. The numbers very well could be inaccurate since homeless counts are an imperfect science and there is likely an undercount.

Bomb threat prank at UW: Yesterday evening, a man allegedly walked into a Savery Hall gathering at UW. He started playing a recording from a speaker in his jacket. A prerecorded voice stated “the C4 is charged” and began counting down. The man recorded the chaotic scene that followed. People bolted out of the room while the man laughed. You can see what he live streamed here. He apparently has a reputation of doing this. He was arrested shortly thereafter.

Unemployment rate falls to 18-year low: U.S. employers added 223,000 jobs last month. The unemployment rate is 3.8 percent.

Bystander effect who? Two men were running down the streets of Ballard celebrating that they had just attacked two gay men. Chris McCorkle heard this. He attempted to stop them. They beat the shit out of him. The police arrested them after their attack on McCorkle. He was honored with a citizenship award.The attackers had pulled the two gay men out of a waiting Uber and then wailed on them with punches and kicks. One of the victims received two skull fractures. The attackers were sentenced to six and seven months in jail.

Watch that overpass, it’s a doozy: A semi-truck plummeted off an I-5 overpass last night. The drive fell asleep. The truck was destroyed. No one was seriously injured.

Stuff yourself with donuts, forget your problems, cope: I would kill a man for a donut right now. What’s your favorite kind? Mine is chocolate cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles. Yes, I am five years old. Today is National Donut Day Friday. It’s a made-up holiday celebrated on the first Friday of June. You’re guaranteed a free donut at Krispy Kreme today.

I-5 closure: Here’s what we’re working with this weekend.

How the sausage gets made: Sound Transit is letting us into the room where it happens. Here’s a video of concrete pours at the Northgate light rail extension. Parts of this video are so soothing.

Congrats, you made it through a warm May!

Pardon me, pardon you, pardon everyone: Trump helped out Dinesh D’Souza so why not spread the pardon love a bit more? He might also extend clemency to former Gov. Rod Blagojevich of Illinois and Martha Stewart.

Denver Uber driver shot and killed passenger: According to police, the victim was shot dead early Friday morning. They believe the shots were the result of a dispute between the driver and passenger. No one has been taken into custody. Talk about getting a bad ride rating.

Drone-ception: Time Magazine’s new cover is a picture of 958 drones taken by another drone.

Fun fact for your Friday: In honor of National Donut Day did you know that squid brains are donut shaped? Their esophagus runs through the donut brain so if a squid eats something too big it can get brain damage.