Facebook and Google Sued by Washington Attorney General for Failing to Disclose Political Ads



Go, SuperBob, GO!!! And please, pretty please also go after Kinder Morgan, Justin Trudeau and all the idiots who want to shove a Keystone XL pipeline and exponentially more oil tankers down our throats.


Litigation for ligation sake, sideshow Bob's favorite hobby.


All these grand National lawsuits. (Never mind multiple other States that have already filed) Nothing of interest is going on in our (your) State? Like the City of Seattle trying to imposing an illegal Income Tax? Or our law enforcement told to look away and not enforce, our on the books laws like, vagrancy, drug laws and doing something about the increased property crime to our homes and making streets safe. Bob, is the poop and piss and vomit on our sidewalks and streets organic? Is that why it's OK? I bet you will allow the City to ban plastic straws but allow disposable needles to be littered anywhere.

With a tool like our AG Sideshow Bob, once he becomes GOV, his only concern will turn to Country and International with higher political ambitions in his sites. All happening in real time right before your eyes.




@2, @3, @4:

(1) the entire job of an AG is to enforce laws;
(2) our state’s AG learned our laws were being violated;
(1) + (2) = (3) our state’s AG took action to enforce our laws.

You keep complaining, our AG will keep succeeding, and everyone else will keep laughing. At you. (Not with you.)


Thanks Bob. Keep up the good work.


Too fucking BIG to comply.
That's a good one.
Sic 'em, Guv.*

*Not yet; but why not?


@7: Indeed. Murray, Cantwell, and Inslee won’t be in office forever. We need to develop and cultivate hard-charging liberal elected officials to replace each of them when they go. Ferguson and (hopefully) Durkan may well provide us with such talent, and we should encourage them, by applauding them when they do their current jobs well.


@3 complaining about the state AG enforcing state law? You're not doing your job, trollbro.


@2: Drink your coffee and scarf some donuts, sugarlips.
@5 & @8, @6, and @7: Agreed, and thank you.


This is journalism leading justice. Thank you, Eli. You made this happen.


The best career for creating both your own job security, spending uber-amounts of tax payer dollars with no real oversight and having no real deliverables to publicly show fot it: Attorney General for the State Of Washington


@13: If Only our state’s AG was elected, and served at the will of the voters!


@13 Right?

If people want an AG that will torment the weak and protect the powerful, they should elect Republicans.


Impressive how, even with our having elected an activist, progressive AG, it still took a long series of newspaper articles and citizen-activism before we got these companies to say they would start to abide by the laws they knew were there all along.

“Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight...”

Good work with the good fight, Eli, The Stranger, Connor Edwards, and Wayne Barnett. Congratulations to all of you for protecting our democracy!


Kudos to Conner Edwards and Eli Sanders!

Citizens and Journalists are The Key to KEEPING our democratic Republic.

Republicans are (currently) the key to Oligarchy.
They'll sell off the USof A to the Highest Bidder, and give a mighty "Fuck YOU!" to the Citizenry on the way.

When asked, "Well, Doctor [Benjamin Franklin], what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?" Franklin turned to her and said what are perhaps the most chilling words uttered by any Framer. He said, 'A republic, Madam, if you can keep it.'

Franklin's words were more than a boast. They were a warning. The curious thing about a democratic system is that it contains the seeds of its own demise. Freedom is not something guaranteed by any parchment or promise. It is earned by each generation which must jealously protect it from threats, not only from outside, but from within a nation."


See also: The White House