Et tu Facebook?
Et tu Facebook? mactrunk/ Getty Images

Seattle cleaning up places where vehicles camp: The city has been quietly throwing away thousands of pounds of garbage around vehicle camping hotspots since mid-May. The program started on a smaller scale in November but has since expanded. It originated as a way to address the public health hazard that comes with vehicle camping. Still, the people who live in their cars — a staggeringly high number according to this year’s Count Us In results — have nowhere to go. When cleanups target their sites, vehicle campers simply move their cars to avoid getting towed. The city is looking into safe parking programs like one in San Diego that would allow long term parking.

The Mariners are good! They’re at the top of the AL West standings after sweeping the Rays. Felix Hernandez threw a good game yesterday that recalled the King Felix of the past. Then, the rest of the Mariners team followed through and clinched a victory.

UW advances to Women’s College World Series championships: The softball team trounced the Oklahoma Sooners with a 3-0 win. Oklahoma was the highest scoring team in the series but Washington shut them out twice in four days. They face either UCLA or Florida State in the finals. Get your goddamn dubs up.

Kidnapped Bonney Lake teen is okay: Police found the missing girl in Puyallup. She had been missing since May 9th. Two people have been arrested in connection to her disappearance. They have been charged with “first-degree kidnapping, promoting prostitution, providing drugs to a minor and other crimes,” reports the Seattle Times. They pleaded not guilty.

Another Patriot Prayer event turns violent: Clashes between the right-wing group and antifa got bloody in Portland yesterday. According to freelance journalist Mike Bivins, Patriot Prayer bussed people in for the event.

Where’s the love and tolerance they preach? Let me know if you find it around any of their rallies.

Franklin High School senior killed while ghost hunting: It wasn’t a supernatural death. Ryan Dela Cruz, 17, was exploring a supposedly haunted grove of white oak trees on the shore of Lake Washington with some friends. They encountered another group who opened fire. Dela Cruz was shot by an unidentified suspect. That’s because the real American horror story has nothing to do with ghosts and everything to do with gun control. Dela Cruz wanted to become a Marine.

Help The Stranger and ProPublica track Facebook political messaging: Facebook is revealing some information about head tax ads, but it’s not revealing everything required by local law. Also, even Facebook admits its archive of political ads is incomplete. We’re partnering with ProPublica to build an independent archive of political ads but we need help. That’s where you come in. If you download ProPublica’s ad collector (for Chrome, for Firefox) it will automatically collect any political Facebook ads and the targeting information that accompanies them. It doesn’t take any personal information from you. Read more here. Save the world from Mark Zuckerberg’s monster.

Facebook gave your data away to device makers: All those friendiversary videos Facebook made for you and those gentle nods to say what’s on your mind seem malicious now. Maybe Facebook was never our friend. Maybe Facebook saw us as only as data to sell. It turns out Facebook had struck agreements with device manufacturers like Apple, Amazon, Blackberry, Microsoft, and Samsung to give out all of your personal information. It gave those companies — 60 in total — your friends’ information, too. Even friends without Facebook couldn’t escape. I’m literally downloading the ProPublica ad collector as I type this.

Guatemala Volcan de Fuego lives up to its name: The Volcano of Fire exploded yesterday and at least 25 people were killed. Many more are missing and the death toll is expected to rise. Here’s a video of the plumes of ash. I do not endorse the weirdly hopeful movie soundtrack music CBS chose to accompany it.

Two take aways from Game 2 of the NBA finals: Listen, I actually watched the game. By watched I mean I saw the fourth quarter. That’s a big deal for me, okay? The Cavs got destroyed by the Warriors 103 to 122.


Second: In the fourth quarter, the Cavaliers were playing like the NBA players in the basketball movies of all basketball movies: Space Jam. I’ll give a refresher since the three people I watched with yesterday, born only two years before me, had not seen that movie. Basically, the cartoon aliens challenge Bugs Bunny & Co. to a game of basketball. If they win, they get to enslave the Looney Tunes (naturally). If they lose, they fuck off and leave everyone alone. Naturally, the aliens cheat by stealing the talent of the world’s best basketball players. Sans-talent, the players suck at basketball; they can’t shoot, they can’t dribble, and they can barely configure their bodies to run properly. That’s what I thought about while watching the Cavs take failed shot after failed shot. Meanwhile, Steph Curry sunk impossible three-pointer after impossible three-pointer. Thanks for listening, that’s the best basketball commentary you will get out of me.

Steph Curry is pretty good at basketball: Watch the Cavaliers bench.

Melania should be coming back today: She'll be returning to the public eye today at a public event for Gold Star families. She hasn't been at a public event since May 10th. Pay attention to see if it's really her or if someone is puppeteering her corpse from the inside.

Wildfire season sparks in the West: After six months, the largest wildfire in modern California history is finally out. The Thomas fire destroyed over 1,000 structures in Southern California. We can rest easy as the last embers were stamped out. Ha. Just kidding. It's wildfire season again. Large wildfires are raging across New Mexico and Colorado already. Officials in many western states are bracing for an unprecedentedly bad wildfire season.

Trump says he has the right to pardon himself: He just wants everyone to know that he has that ability. He followed up with some sound logic. Why would he do that when he’s done nothing wrong? Obviously he won't. He just could if he wanted. Meanwhile, what’s unconstitutional (I’m sparing you Trump’s aggressive capitalization because I care) is the appointment of the special counsel to the Russia probe, apparently. He didn’t elaborate on the legal background for either statement. Hm. Let’s see him try to pardon himself. I think that’d be a fun experiment.

Most millionaires consider themselves middle class: Wealth denial seems like it's a huge kink for rich people. Did we put that in our sex survey? Despite being in the upper echelon of opportunity, a majority of the wealthiest 10 percent of Americans describe themselves overwhelmingly as middle class or upper middle class. According to CNBC, "49 percent of those worth $5 million or more define themselves as upper middle class, while 23 percent define themselves as middle class."

Supreme Court rules in favor of Colorado anti-LGBTQ baker: It ruled 7-2 that the baker’s First Amendment rights had been violated in a ruling by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. The jury’s still out on whether a business can refuse service to gay and lesbian people. That issue “must await further elaboration,” says Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Nothing gold can stay: My stint as your Slog AM writer is coming to a close at the end of the week. It's been a lovely 24 weeks and I think we've gotten pretty chummy in the process, wouldn't you say? Anyway, I don't know how I'm going to punctuate my own send off, but I'll try to include something fun each day. Here's an embarrassing story about myself: I didn't know Michael Jordan and Michael B. Jordan were different people and thought Michael Jordan had really improved in acting since he starred in Space Jam. I told that to the cinephiles I worked with at a local SIFF theater. Sorry, I had Space Jam on the mind. I'll think of something better to do tomorrow.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: Ken Jennings: Planet Funny, the start of an herbaceous Negroni Week, and the opening of Artvocacy: Refugee Art Exhibit.