Here's Why Anti-ICE Protesters Blocked Downtown Traffic This Morning



@1 Sorry these protests upset you. Not everyone agrees with the current administration, so sometimes you'll see demonstrations or other expressions of discontent. If it hurts your feelings--and it seems like it does--you can always find someone to talk with and express your emotions.

Moving on, I'm not sure what's with the latest rash of protests that focus on obstructing the morning commute. Is there some expectation that making folks from White Center get off the bus in Sodo and walk the rest of the way to work will garner support?


Anti-ICE actions are the first, and so far only meaningful protest of the Trump era. All these other marches don't add up to shit.


The way to win people over is to hold up traffic that's already shitty and make it even more shitty. WIN WIN!!


@4: To a limited extent. Rudy, and you I guess, need to keep in mind that it constitutionally limited and can include inditement of the president.



Anyone who says they won't support the victims of ICE a protest disrupted their day was never going to be on their side anyway.

Take @5 for instance. Do you ever think they were anything but pro-ICE?


I was wondering why I was in gridlock. It completely fucked up my day.

My whole fucking day is blown because of this bullshit. Way to get me behind your cause.


@1 dont you think your schtick is getting kind of old, considering most slog posters these days unironically agree with you?


The way that the DOJ has decided to enforce the law - to the maximum possible extent, with cruel, unusual, disproportionate, and inhumane punishments IS illegal. They have openly stated they are using family separation as a tool of deterrence, which is a imagen out of the playbooks of the worst dictators and tyrants in history. There is no law forcing them to separate children and families. Every other administration managed to apply the law while mostly avoiding this tactic. The children who are removed so that their parents can spend a week or so in jail on a misdemeanor charge of “entry without inspection” are literally disappeared into black sites like the one Senator Merkel exposed this week. Don’t be fooled - the main reason this is happening is a devil’s bargain between the government and the for-profit private prison system, which needs a new source of inmates. This entire operation is a huge profit making scheme that only functions because the ignorance and xenophobia of ordinary Americans allows it. Shame.


@6: that's 'indictment', you philistine. Gueralinda, honey, I believe it's Senator Merkley. Is that sweet doggo in your avatar still around?


@11 So acknowledged, typo troll.


Nobody gives a flying hot shit why any protestors blocked anything. Thanks for inconveniencing people and accomplishing nothing for your cause, as per usual with Seattle protests.


@7 is it possible for you to separate opinions on issues from opinions on actions?

I don't support ICE's actions. That doesn't mean I have to support the actions of people who also don't support ICE. Forcing the dichotomy just makes you look like a thoughtless ideologue.



Yes, but if your first thought is "fuck these protesters," then your claims about supporting their cause is questionable.

I myself was inconvenienced by the protest today and didn't go somewhere I had wanted to. But I recognize that they brought important attention to the cause.


@15: Very well articulated. Our world would be a lot better place if people kept that distinction in mind.


@16: Regarding your second paragraph, what if it caused you (or anyone) to miss a flight or even get to the hospital?

The most efficient venue for public redress is through our elected representatives. Camp in their offices and make demands but don't block public roads and sidewalks.


I passed the protest on my bicycle today. I may have been one of several southbound cyclists (unseen in this image) waiting for that bus to clear the intersection.

‘Yes, but if your first thought is "fuck these protesters," then your claims about supporting their cause is questionable.’

My first thought was they should get the hell out of a major public thorofare at rush hour, as they had already caused several near-accidents further up on Second Avenue. That they were “protesters” didn’t occur to me until I passed them and saw their anti—ICE messages. Until that moment, they were just self-indulgent fools, creating a hazardous situation for themselves and everyone around them.


I'm sure the protesters changed the hearts and minds of Seattlites who are famously anti-immigration and pro ICE.


Imagine the inconvenience of having your children taken from you and not knowing where they are or how you could get in touch with them.


Sorry, I forgot how all the dozens of times protestors blocked traffic in this city actually helped the causes they were blocking traffic for.

Had it not been for years of repeated traffic-blocking, the Iraq war never would have ended! Thank you protestors.

You guys are such amazing asshats with this line of thinking.


That's OK, Stevie, no translations needed.

We're pretty smart cookies, us readers of yours, and even without any Spanish-language assistance we can form a pretty clear picture of a "we're not an organization" organization that names itself "Chinga La Migra".


I hate to break it to these "protesters" but the more you piss off the working stiffs, the less support you get. Most of us are just drones with drone jobs, trying to get to work and get home again. Illegal immigration is a pox on the US and these protesters are poxy as well. Go back to whatever country you invaded from, get a job and suck it up like the rest of us.


Right on! Keep up the protests.

ICE and inhumane, disgusting for-profit detention centers are a pox on our society.


@21: That's perhaps the most ubiquitous false comparison in these things.


In the U.S Illegally get deported! Not Changing U.S Laws or ICE Policies to benefit Criminal Illegals ! Go back to the Corrupt Countries you came from and stop trying to Corrupt the U.S ! Stop taking jobs , getting welfare costing the U.S $135 Billion a year ! The U.S doesn't owe Illegals! Send Them Back ASAP and Build the Wall!


@22 Your opinion isn't the target of the protesters. Protest movements are always unpopular. That doesn't affect their effectiveness.

The point of this protest, among other things, was to make renting to ICE more trouble than its worth. Make Selig see the virtue of kicking ICE out in favor of some Amazon contractor or other. Will it work? Damned if I know. It'll take the ability to maintain pressure over time. We'll see if this group has that sort of patience.


Trump didn’t create a Law, he is enforcing it. Separating kids from parent is disgusting. That said, you have no right to be here illegally.

I’m not a Trump supporter, but a nation without enforceable immigration policy is doomed. We must know who is coming and going from our country.