Beloved Lifestyle Brand Designer Kate Spade Found Dead in Her New York Apartment



13 year-old daughter: whereabouts unknown. wtf.


I will never understand why wealthy people who have access to any and all mental health care they require (unlike the rest of us) do not get the help they need, which they are in a position to not only obtain, pay for, and receive, but also, if necessary, have available to them FOREVER.

I wonder if her daughter actually found her first. What a horrific thing to do.


@2 You don't know that she hasn't been getting treatment. And it's clear that you don't know how crippling mental illness can be; maybe you should read up on it a bit before commenting on mental health issues. A little compassion would be a good thing here, if you can't muster up some empathy.


I just lost a friend to suicide last week. My heart breaks for her family.


I'm seeing some posts on twitter that's exhorting people to use the language "Died by suicide" rather than "committed suicide", under some type of argument that it's... less of a microaggression? Can someone who knows "the rules" on suicide reporting let me know that whats and hows of the difference?


@2 from what I understand, un/undermedicated pain is the leading cause of suicide, not mental health issues.


Another sad truth is that wealthy addicts have essentially unfettered access to their DOC, and therefore much more opportunity to end up dead while using it.


It is a suicide; it is also a classic death by addiction.


@3 You have no idea what I know (or don't know). I know plenty of people who cannot obtain the mental health care they or their family members need because they do not have the means or the access (or both). I have watched people sit by and watch their loved ones with mental illness hurt themselves and others and even die while they a) felt helpless and did nothing b) tried to find help and couldn't get any c) found options for help, but could not afford them d) were unable to compel the mentally ill person to get the help when they were (miraculously) able to get it for them.

I have empathy for Kate. As I said, killing oneself is a horrific thing to do. I also stand by my prior statement regarding the wealthy with access and how the person I feel most for is her daughter.

Everything I said is an opinion, not a fact (other than wealthy people being able to access mental health care the rest of us will never, ever be able to access, even in our most dire hours of need).

Your statement, an opinion about me, is made when you know nothing about me (as you state, it is a fact, that I know nothing about whether or not she was receiving treatment). You also don't know that she had a mental illness. See how that works?


As suspected, refused to get treatment and self-medicated with alcohol. Was obsessed with the suicide of Robin Williams. Her family knew and were unable to get her to get help.


@2 Because you often don't recognize it when you are, in fact, deep inside it. And because you can't possibly even imagine anything actually changing.

@4 I'm so very, very sorry. I know wishes from strangers on the internet don't count for much, but FWIW, I hope you find whatever it is you need as you undergo this.