Police Release One Body Camera Video Showing Incident That Led to Officer's Assault Charge



Just an FYI, you rage to Nelson and Cook solely by their last names before identifying who they are.


@1 "refer" to Nelson and Cook.


Except for when Ofc. Harris demands ID just before grabbing the civilian, his speech is not clear.


Why is Martin "Drunk Bitch" Harris wearing a leather jacket?


see also: Collection of on-the-job videos recorded by Officer Martin J. Harris #6336


Aforementioned videos are at youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdlE-9tKU3Dr7vUmBmucHnfO0IAAA1J-6


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OK, so observations.

The cop will get i dunno, mandatory anger management? He won't be convicted of any crime.

The other cop seems like a decent cop. It makes it obvious how difficult it is for halfway decent cops to control their less decent partners. Like, what is he gonna do, fight him?

Meanwhile, here's a police brutality case that might actually go somewhere: https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/mesa/2018/06/05/mesa-officers-leave-after-video-shows-man-being-punched/675521002/


I don't hear Harris asking the victim for ID at all. He demands it (0m45s: "What's your-- You got ID on you. Bring me some ID."), then just shouts "ID!" repeatedly.

In the video, Harris talks and moves like someone who is a bit tipsy and holds it well. He doesn't have the firm stance or quick movements I'm used to seeing police exhibit in situations like this.

It would be interesting to find out where his car was located in the hours leading up to the incident, and if he has a history of alcoholism or domestic abuse.


Has the related OPA report been published yet? 2018OPA-0245

Related public records here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tieqaj5a7gfyovl/AADUbt4RS4o7P3YPTO3Xy2iea


"Contempt of Cop" violation will always get you bounced.


@9: Tipsy? That's the movement from the body cam.

Our poor officers, what they have to deal with is relentless.


This Harris guy is a menace. Here he is tangling his leg around a handcuffed man, causing the man to fall on him, then ordering the man--hands cuffed behind back with multiple cops tugging--to get off of him, then striking the man's face with his knee: youtu.be/wy8MOT3FPXM?t=7m35s