On June 2, 2016, California Judge Aaron Persky sentenced Brock Turner to six months in jail after Turner was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a “garbage enclosure,” in Turner’s words. (This piece of shit actually tried to appeal his conviction in December 2017 on the grounds that the prosecution had incorrectly defined where the assault took place—as they had defined it, it was a “trash bin.”)

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However, almost two years to the day that Persky handed down the lenient sentencing to spare Turner from the “severe impact” of prison and some actual fucking consequences, California voters have seemingly handed down a sentence of their own in the primaries: a recall. If successful, Persky will be the first judge since 1932 to be removed from his position. “With 97% of the precincts reporting, almost 60% of voters in Tuesday's referendum in Santa Clara County said they wanted to oust Persky," reported CNN. “About 40% said he should stay in office.”

The campaign for the recall was led by Michele Dauber, the Frederick I. Richman Professor at the Stanford Law School, and a personal friend of the woman Turner attacked. HBO and VICE News covered Dauber’s efforts in this segment that aired on June 5:

CNN reached out to Persky about the voting outcomes and the recall. “I think generally judges should accept criticism," he responded, continuing: “They should accept responsibility for rulings. But when it gets to the step of a recall—actually recalling a judge primarily based on one decision—that, for me, is a step too far. That's why I've chosen to speak out because I think it threatens the independence of judges in California and perhaps even the nation."

Gee, I wonder about the independence, or the actual overall well-being of the woman that Turner assaulted?

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You had a job to do, Persky, and you did a fucking shitty one. You publicly pandered to a proven predator anyway you could on a national stage, only to turn the result of your actions into a sob story about how you feel that you were wronged. You have not been wronged, Persky. You were supposed to serve the people and provide justice to the people, and you failed, and the people have a right to tell you to fuck off.

In my book, anybody who does not see the complete scope of the harm that Persky did in his sentencing can go fuck themselves. Sexual predators deserve no sympathy, and neither do their allies. Amidst the proceedings during the original case in 2016, Persky read over 39 letters testifying to Turner’s character, including the infamous letter from Turner’s father that begged for his convicted sexual predator of a son to be able to come home and have a steak dinner. “It sort of corroborates the evidence of his character up until the night of this incident, which has been positive," Persky said of the “evidence.”

But won’t somebody PLEASE think of the poor white men?

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