King County Executive Accidentally Hosts Argument About Cops at Pride



That is one gorgeous hunk-a-love in red panties.


Well, gay cops belong at gay pride, right? And we also celebrate heterosexuals celebrating pride. Hence all cops are welcome at pride, whether on duty or not.


The thing about pride parades is they only exist because a black trans woman in CA, who suffered years of abuse by white cops in CA, threw a brick at them.

Now, you have pride parades full of white middle to upper classists and LGBTQX community members of color hesitant to attend because the cops attending (cheerfully next to white LGBTQX whom they dont feel threatened by or an urgent need to assault) are just there to "show their support".

Its the same as the Womens rallies. On one hand you have cops across the nation wearing "pussy grabs back" hats in solidarity with their white female protesters. When black women organize a black lives matter protest, those same cops come out machine guns at point ready to kill or pepper spray or riot baton smash on sight. The same goes for Native water rights female protesters in the Midwest. And the coverage of those events is remarkably different.


^ Follow up to above:

Those same cops wouldnt hesitate to spray, taze, assault or shoot a crowd of ANY black, brown or red people parading or protesting in the street. Regardless of their orientation or gender status.


The organization groups marching in pride parades tend to be employee groups, LGBTQ+ people who work at that organization and are promoting inclusiveness internally. There's no reason to deny a group from a local police department who wants to march in the parade any more than a group from any other government organization or business.

The parade is a huge event which encompasses all of 4th street and requires extensive traffic mitigation. Police support is mandatory for an event of this scale in a city. Not to mention the possibility of violence which cannot be ignored.


There's no pride to be celebrated for those projecting stereotypes onto cops so they can validate their feelings of resentment and victimization.


They're going to be there whether or not some groups want them there, so it's kind of a moot point whether or not they should be at pride. It's sort of like saying you don't want allies at pride. here is an argument to be made that straight people historically were shits and now they're out in force only because it's totally safe politically and consequence-free for them to be there and to earn easy points as "allies," and right you may be about that, but they're here, they're straight, and we probably will just have to get used to it.

The narrative now being pushed for a pride which includes every group that isn't 100% bona fide straight (and sometimes even then) is a narrative which is very tough to refine and super easy to water down into Hallmark-esque phrases about just how queer and quirky everyone is and how great it is that everyone ever is totally queer to the moon and back. Look up any article on how "everyone is a little [insert something not straight]" and you will see what I mean. Straight people (and some younger queer people not yet jaded by experience) just love that kind of easy association because it requires no effort, experience, or historical context. This means branding opportunities out the wazoo.

This won't be fixed by trying to hearken back to the romanticized past where queers with solid steel backbones fought cops and wrote theatrical pieces about dying of AIDS. Pride itself has become big business and it will no doubt stay that way. Do as you will with that.


@8 "There's no pride to be celebrated for those projecting stereotypes onto cops "

Says a pro cop commentater who jumps at the chance to defend stereotypes of people of color, or cops who stereotype people of color as criminals and engage them as such.

Cops arent an ethnic group. Thats fact. But they do target certain ethnic groups under the general assumption of criminality. Thats also a fact. 3 second google search can pull up no less than 50 academic studies showing this.


@5 You mean "police support is mandatory" to keep the LGBTQX members that are unwelcomed by law enforcement and the overall city of Seattle (those too brown or black or red) from feeling safe or attending.



First you claim theres no justification in stereotyping police. Then you claim those who are stereotyped by police as criminal are playing at "victimization". And you did it within 4 comments.

Does the right have any sense of objective self reflection? I am honestly asking.