DJ Simones sets boldly blend house, techno, electro, jungle/breakbeat, bass, UK garage, and disco.
DJ Simone's sets boldly blend house, techno, electro, jungle/breakbeat, bass, UK garage, and disco. Cecilia Corsano-Leopizzi


Current top 5 tracks:

Yak, "Mido" (Version)
"A song with bird sounds that you can also play in a club? And that bass? Was this track made for me? Every time I hear it at a club I pretty much lose my mind."

Metro Area, "Proton Candy" (Environ)
"No explanation needed. Powder recently played in Seattle and closed with this one and I will remember it forever. :')"

Dem 2, "Destiny" (Locked On)
"I've been diving into some '90s UK garage lately, and this song is stuck in my head now."

Roza Terenzi, "Mwah" (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
"This track perfectly blends breakbeat samples with electro elements. It's so beautiful."

K-Hand, "You Stepped Right Into My Life (K-Hand Edit)" (Acacia)
"I always know I have a good track when I'm dancing in my chair. I can't help but get down to this one. Those vocal samples, too—wow. Some disco elements with a steady 4/4 beat make this track a staple for me. Plus, K-Hand is a boss."

Crew/label affiliations: "TUF, Nice Touch."

Styles played: "House, techno, electro, jungle/breakbeat, bass, UK garage, disco, Italo disco, nu disco."

Events organized: "TUFFEST, Patio Season."

DJing philosophy: "DJing for me is about community. I like to play music because it feels like a way of contributing to and giving back to the community I've found around electronic music, but it also is a nice way to connect with new people. It's a great feeling to see a room full of people enjoying the tracks that you've picked.

"I'm a 'learn the rules in order to break them' type of person, and that definitely applies to DJing. I have an eclectic taste in music and so a challenge I face is knowing how to blend the different tracks that I like. My DJ sets reflect this diverse taste, weaving in and out of genres.

"I use mostly intuition when I pick out tracks to play, tempered with some knowledge of what sounds good together and lots of trial and error. I have a lot more experience as a listener on the dance floor than I do as a DJ, so I have a keen sense of what makes a memorable party and what I would want to hear in that setting. This makes it easier to 'read' what the crowd is wanting to hear, because I've been there (and am often still there).

"My main goal for myself as a DJ is to not take myself too seriously and to have as much fun as possible. It is easy to fall into perfectionist ways of thinking with DJing, dwelling on messy beat-matching, or how that last track cleared the dance floor. I've learned that if I'm playing the music that I love, those things don't matter as much, and I am more fulfilled by it. I know a lot of people who struggle with this, especially starting out, so it feels important to talk about it and encourage one another. Everyone has messy transitions from time to time, and it's fine."

Format: "3 Pioneer CDJ 900 or above, Xone or Pioneer Mixer with a functional crossfader (for working on my beat-juggling)."

Worst request: "'Play something dance-y.'"

Upcoming events:
Patio Season with Nice Touch (every 4th Wednesday at MBar from 6 pm to 10 pm)
Lusio Lights Georgetown (7/21 at Bar Ciudad)

Check out DJ Simone's mixes on SoundCloud.