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If everyone who annually complains about Capitol Hill Block Party goes to the free, all-ages Mercer x Summit Block Party on August 18 (from 1 pm 'til you pass out), it should be an epic clusterfuck. Happening at that storied corner where Indian Summer, Generations, Summit Public House, Sun Liquor Lounge, Top Pot Doughnuts, Single Shot, and Itto's Tapas dwell, this new event looks like it'll be worth the claustrophobia-induced anxiety and potential hygiene violations.

The lineup encompasses a diverse range of local talent, including eloquent rappers Porter Ray, DoNormaal, Guayaba; edgy rock groups Casual Hex, Tres Leches, Fucked and Bound, Acid Tongue, Trick Candles; and mind-expanding experimentalists Newaxeyes. Read more about the 30 acts here.