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Seattle will host some World Cup games in 2026: The world’s greatest game is coming to North America not next World Cup but the one after that. The joint bid between Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. won over Morocco this morning with double the votes. The U.S. will host anywhere from 60 to 80 games. Seattle made the shortlist of cities that will be considered for games. The stadium fields will need to be replaced with natural grass instead of turf. Good. Turf burn is a bitch. Mexico and Canada will host 10 games each.

The Stranger has last-minute discounts to PNB, ACT Theatre, Neumos, and On The Boards this weekend. Grab tickets before they're gone!

Nationwide operation involving child-sex images ensnares 47 in Washington State: The operation was called Operation Broken Heart. Even more depressing than the name is the objective. Operation Broken Heart sought to “disrupt those who produce, trade and view online images and videos of children being raped and molested,” reports the Seattle Times. Over 2,300 people were arrested nationwide. In Washington, 47 were arrested. Nine of those face federal prosecution. Of the nine, four lived in Western Washington.

Open-meetings law may have been violated prior to head tax repeal vote: Yesterday, the City Council voted 7 to 2 to repeal the head tax. However, the call for the special meeting came abruptly with less than 24 hours notice to the media. It also stirred questions about whether the mayor and City Council met outside of a public meeting. Those two things directly violate Washington’s Open Public Meetings Act. Suffice to say it’s some fishy business. If these actions were found to be illegal the outcome of the meeting yesterday would likely remain unchanged. If anything, council members could face a $500 fine and a re-do of the vote.

King County Sheriff’s Department needs to be “more forthcoming” about shootings: Tommy Le was fatally shot by the Sheriff’s Department in Burien last year. He was said to be armed. Three weeks after his death, the Seattle Weekly discovered that Le was only holding a pen. After that, the Sheriff’s Department amended its report. Now, a year later, the county’s Office of Law Enforcement Oversight has released a report recommending increased transparency. It stressed the importance of correcting all incorrect information and divulging facts no matter how unflattering.

Some guy caught a 45-pound catfish in Green Lake: He also caught a big ol’ carp weighing in at 30 pounds. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s effort to stock fish in statewide lakes and ponds seems to be a success. Let's start a The Deadliest Catch reboot set entirely in Washington lakes and ponds.

Planned tiny home village faces backlash from neighbors: A new tiny house village off of Yesler Way and 18th Avenue is not popular with its future neighbors. The same anti-tiny house rhetoric is being thrown around — people feel unsafe, they think the village is dirty, the usual. The organizers of the village say that drugs and alcohol will be prohibited. The village is meant to be transitional housing while its residents find jobs and reenter society. Still, people are upset.

Shannon Hader likely Democratic frontrunner in 8th District race: Despite a late entry into the contest for U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert’s seat, comparatively lackluster fundraising, Hader has secured a slew of endorsements “from county and legislative-district Democratic organizations,” according to the Seattle Times. According to these endorsements, these organizations have the most confidence in Hader out of the rest of the other first time Democratic candidates. Her strong understanding of the federal government puts her in a good position to take on Republican front-runner (and asshole) Dino Rossi in the fall.

Redshirting not just for athletes, says UW: The State Academic Red Shirt program (STARS) allows disadvantaged students an extra year of training before they are eligible for an engineering degree. Most students — the 75 percent who continue with engineering or graduate after the red shirt year — will graduate in five years. The program is built on the idea that not all high schools have equal math programs and students who didn’t receive the best mathematical education shouldn’t be written off.

Trump administration looking to make tent cities for immigrant children: The administration is scouting out areas near Texas military bases to house the increasing number of detained migrant children. It’s considering constructing a tent city to house between 1,000 and 5,000 children. Sure, let’s separate the kids from their families and then throw them into a fucking gulag. Hyperbolic, but still. Maybe the U.S. should focus on keeping families together and they wouldn’t have this problem.

With no evidence, Trump declares “there’s no nuclear threat” from North Korea anymore: Trump tweeted that we can all feel a lot safer than the day he took office. I dunno about that, I think everyone has felt generally pretty unsafe since then. North Korea, with its flimsy promise to denuclearize and no plan or outline on how to do so, is apparently no longer this country’s biggest threat. That position has been usurped by the media! Anyway, no matter how many times Trump says “fake news,” North Korea still has its nuclear weapons and the potential to strike.

How are we feeling about this?

The Internet became obsessed with a raccoon yesterday: In Minnesota, a raccoon got stuck on a building ledge on Monday. That was the start of a two-day journey. He then began scaling the walls of the UBS tower. He was without food or water and his only way out was up the 25-story building.

All of Minnesota, and soon all of the Internet, watched the raccoons progress with baited breath.

Eventually, he made it to the top where food and water were waiting in live traps set by animal control.

Michael Cohen likely to comply with federal investigation: On April 9th, all of Cohen's documents were seized from his office. His attorneys are currently rushing to complete a privilege review of the 3.7 million documents by Friday. However, his attorneys will not represent him going forward. Cohen is expected to comply with federal prosecutors in New York. Cohen will have to provide all information he knows about criminal activity in order to get a cooperation deal. How attorney-client privilege will complicate that remains to be seen.

Something for you baseball fans: I don’t understand you, but I know you exist.

"Paving for Pizza": Dominoes, the civic hero we need, is taking to the streets to repair roads. Dominoes has partnered with local administrators of four towns to help fill potholes. That's because potholes can really damage a pizza en route. Or, you know, publicity reasons.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A ZooTunes show with Ziggy Marley, a reading with acclaimed Native American author Tommy Orange, and the opening of the Seattle Art Museum group show Splitting Image.

Now, what you're eating for breakfast:

From Lissa: Sausage scramble, raisin pecan toast and cinnamon apples left over from a home made pie, all courtesy of the Husband. He's gotten a little competitive because of your breakfast thing :)

I love a competitive spirit, Lissa.


Maggie is eating my kind of breakfast: Here’s some leftover birthday carrot cake (REQUESTED carrot cake). And coffee because I’m not an idiot.

Maggie W

Katie is getting in her fruits: This was a breakfast gift from a coworker. She says cucumbers are a universal food that I cannot turn down.

(Cucumbers are fruits now right?)

Katie O.

Jim is back with another homemade breakfast that I absolutely am not envious of: I have bread baked early this morning, fresh strawberry jam straight from the pot, some crunchy peanut butter I am trying to finish so I can replace it with creamy, fresh coffee, and milk that is two days past the pull date. Nothing can go wrong.

Bake me bread, Jim
Bake me bread, Jim Jim C.