Bated breath. Baited raccoon trap. Not the same thing.


I'd like Ms. Lissa to have a bowl of Trix next to that lovely rabbit mug one of these days.


That’s a pretty big chi-mo round up. Be a few less sloggers on here today.


@2. I see you evaded the authorities.


Mission Impossible theme seems wrong for the raccoon climb. Spider-Man would be more appropriate.



I did. Thanks for letting me hide next to the child cages in your attic while you pointed the cops in the other direction.



Or Homer Simpson doing Spider-Pig. . .


oh wow, World Cup games in Seattle in 2026? Too cool!
I needed a shot of good news.
WC 2018 kicks off in Russia tomorrow, Favorites of course are Brazil & Germany.
Might be a good year for the South American teams for a change- Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Columbia all look to have strong teams, even Peru could surprise.
Go Uruguay!


This gent lays out our current national hostage crisis far more eloquently than I.

James Fitz: "The NRA attacking children who were just recently victims of a mass shooting is not normal.
A President who attacks POWS, Gold Star families, our top cops, our intelligence agencies, our courts, our judges, our laws, private citizens, private companies, our allies, football players, women, minorities and our morals is not normal.
A congress who remains silent in the above abuses of power is not normal.
Russia and other countries funneling money for these three abusers to continue on this course is not normal.

These are unprecedented times. Tempers are hot for good reason. If you think it is as simple as being more cordial with one another, you are missing the larger picture. Our country is being attacked by two of the four pillars of our democracy on a daily basis. Anxiety and tension are rising for very good reason. Politeness will not solve the problem. Voting and impeaching the current cancer is what is necessary.
Let's hope Americans have been paying attention and show up to the polls and that Mueller and team get to the bottom of what has just occurred and hold those that are responsible for it, accountable. We need checks on this president and the current congress is not doing it's job. The first step is to vote them out this November. We need a blue congress, regardless of your politics, because this is not about politics. It is about the survival of our republic. It is about upholding the constitution. It is about the rule of law. It's about keeping our democracy. No excuses; all must vote this time around if America is to succeed."


Bated breath indeed. @1.

Please fix this to stop spreading the scourge that is "baited breath".


Trumpf / Hannity lawyer / extra-marital-affair fixer Michael Cohen seems to be in the crosshairs of Justice. Excellent. Will he rely on a presidential pard-on from his hero Trumpfy (likely the least loyal human being in America), and tell the justice dept. to fuck off, or will he spill them beans, leaving the Prez vulnerable to ... what, 'scorn,' maybe, from a complicit far-alt-right wing Congress?

I don't get it -- they got their Trillion Dollar tax cut -- what more do they figure they can get from this guy before he hands the keys to America to the highest (foreign) bidder?

The selling out of America. Thanks, Republicans.


And -- How BOUT them Mariners?!
Finding (Exciting!) ways to win, two outta three times.


The article about the problems with the city council meeting is pretty weak.

It tries to spin phone calls from the mayor to each city council person individually as a "serial meeting" which is a stretch.

More seriously, the vote was announced ten minutes late! Impeach or recall... is there any other remedy for a late press release? Stern warning, maybe.

It's just muckraking and sour grapes.


I look forward to the business community’s proposed solution and the funding source to resolve the homeless crisis.
In the meanwhile, let’s cut back on those amenities. Want vs needs, priorities, outcomes…


“‘To have this put up right in our backyard, without our say, without our input from us is really kind of just a slap in the face,’ said Rebecca Somekhian, who has lived in the neighborhood for three years.”

Wow! Three whole years! You sure are in a good position to complain about changes to this neighborhood, and certainly have no reason to consider how myopic privilege exacerbates the negative effects of gentrification.


@16: Her concerns are valid even if she lived there only a month. All concerns of all neighbors must be considered. You would expect the same in your neighborhood.

Nothing myopic about it.


@17- anyone can complain, but those complaints are not generally granted much weight when the development is market-value.


@17: We just got rid of the head tax mostly with an argument that the city needs to do more with the money we already have. How much money do we spend trying to ameliorate NIMBYs before building shelters and low-income housing? And anyway, this is fucking 18th and Yesler. Some of the people who might use this might actually be former residents who have been pushed out by people exactly like this woman.


I’m delighted to see round football news in the stranger, not to mention the very first item.

In other news: in the first picture, standing tall by the window, the raccoon seems to have a fairly nice boner.


Liberal guilt creeps in. They took the racoon pictures down, and it's all my fault.


Where will we hide the homeless during the World Cup games? Their number will likely have doubled or tripled by then.


@22 -- why, we'll just hide them in plain sight -- give them footsball jerseys, malt liquor and call them Fans.

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