SPD Releases Second Body Camera Video Showing Punching Incident That Led to Officer's Assault Charge



Harris does sound a bit tipsy.



That's what I thought when I saw the other video.


Harris is definitely a drunk. Person has every right to not show that cop an ID. Rotten pig.


My favorite part is how the moron keeps yelling at him for ID after he's grabbed his arms.


justice for entitled white douchebags is exactly what we're all fighting for! Rage on, trolls!


Hariss responded to a few 911 calls placed by my neighbors and me for break-ins we experienced in action, also trespassers that would refuse to leave our doorway which trapped us in our building. Each time we had to deal with Hariss his demeanor scared us more than whatever hobo tweeker we were dealing with before we called 911. Last time Hariss stopped to chat after I caught two guys smashing a medical office’s windows so they could rob it for pills. My neighbors and I thought Hariss was maybe gonna slap or sass me when I gave him my report, like he just had the weirdest misplaced anger all over his face. Not exactly the thanks I expected after taking time to help a neighborhood business out. I swore up and down it must’ve been the new body camera that stopped him from raging at me but I guess that maybe wasn’t it after all.

The victim in this story is another character in the neighborhood that is known to be an epic jerk at times, but definitely didn’t deserve what Hariss did to him that day.


Hariss responded to some 911 incidents where my neighbors and I were the victims and as he was taking our reports he would like... lazer focus his rage on us instead of the bad guys. Like one time I caught a break-in in progress at a neighborhood dr’s office that gets targeted often for pills. When Hariss took my report he got real snippy and my neighbors and I swear he looked like he was maybe going to slap me. We dunno why. Because I helped my neighbor and called in their break-in? Because I wasn’t fearful and worshipful of him? Because he’s just a jerk who maybe never stopped fighting the war, and all he can see is the enemy everywhere that it isn’t?

The victim in the video is also a known character slash jerk in the neighborhood but didn’t deserve a bit of what Hariss did to him that day.


The "victim" who isn't a victim at all ...but a trespasser on private property, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer, should expect to be bodily handled and injured.

I see no problem whatsoever with the police using physical force to subdue this "victim" after giving a lawful order to identify themselves and remove themselves from private property.

How difficult is it to produce ID and leave private property....they were given ample opportunity to do so.

In contrast the other person (woman) seemed to understand simple instruction given from an officer.

The officer was not drunk and there is no evidence to support this wild speculation.

This is just the worst form of reporting from the stranger


I have a hard time thinking that this guy didn't "ask for it". If Martin wasn't a cop and had beat him the fuck up I wouldn't think much of it.

But, IMO cops make sacrifices as part of their job, and not punching a lippy suspect is one of them. If you can't handle someone talking shit, maybe you need a job where listening to people talk shit to you isn't part of it.


@8: The victim had no responsibility to possess documentation of his identity, much less to carry it with him and to present it upon demand. This is not Soviet Russia.

SPD's internal investigators found that Officer Martin J. Harris #6336 had no probable cause to arrest the man he was later charged with assaulting. It was an unlawful arrest and Harris had no authority to compel the man to identify himself or to present documentation of such.

There have been no reports of evidence that anyone with authority to demand that he man leave the property did so.