Garbes reads at The Summit with another big deal Stranger alum, Lindy West.
Garbes reads at The Summit with another big deal Stranger alum, Lindy West. Tickets are sold out but never fear—there is a standby option.

One of the finest writers who ever worked at this newspaper, Angela Garbes (author of “The More I Learn About Breast Milk, the More Amazed I Am,” the 2015 story that broke our website’s traffic records) presents her first book, an investigative reflection on an aspect of childbirth that receives surprisingly little attention from the medical establishment or the baby book publishing industry: The mental and physical health of the mother.

In her excellent review of the book, Stranger managing editor Leilani Polk calls Like a Mother "a compelling read, informative without ever becoming tedious, occasionally humorous, and poetic without ever being flowery."

Garbes "examines preconceived ideas about pregnancy and the history of women's health from a critical standpoint, revealing the prejudices and politics so ingrained in our culture that they still affect the care (or lack thereof) pregnant women receive today," Leilani writes. "She also draws attention to subjects that are even now under-researched (like the fetal cells that remain in a mother's body decades after birth) or under-treated (such as prolapse and pelvic floor injuries) or still a mystery (like what exactly causes the body to go into labor)...It's intended for mothers, sure, but it can also be enjoyed by anyone interested in understanding the culture, science, adversities, and triumphs of becoming a mother."