Try the exclusive Friends With Ben Carson discount from Sinclair Broadcasting! Three tv stations for a fraction of the price!
Try the exclusive "Friends With Ben Carson" discount from Sinclair Broadcasting! Three tv stations for a fraction of the price! Getty Images

Sinclair Broadcasting sells conservative commentator three stations for dirt cheap: Armstrong Williams is a well-known conservative commentator and confidant of Ben Carson, a hell of a thing to be. Williams has acquired television stations in Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City, and Seattle. All of that cost him $4.95 million. That sweet deal from Sinclair Broadcasting “came at 45 to $55 million less” than what is typical, according to Politico. Sinclair sold the stations as a workaround for a controversy that stated it owned multiple major stations in one market. This deal, however, is a “sidecar deal.” The broadcasting licenses will be in Williams’ name but Sinclair will still be heavily involved.

Amazon too big for employee fun: The company has thrown two employee celebrations every year for 20 years. The post-holiday party and the summer picnic have been staples of Amazon employee culture. However, in recent years, Amazon’s workforce has swelled and the events have had to be hosted at Seattle’s biggest venue, CenturyLink Field. They booked Lorde for their holiday party last year. How unfair is that? But, with more and more employees filling the ranks, Amazon has decided to cancel both events. They have just too many employees. The events will be replaced with a “Post-Prime Day Celebration” after Amazon’s 30-hour shopping promotion called, you guessed it, Prime Day. In the future, Prime Day will be a day to sacrifice non-Prime Members. Then, the gods will smile.

Everyone can cook: Apparently, Bellevue diners weren’t thrilled when a rat dropped from the ceiling of Japonessa in Lincoln Square. Was the rat just trying to save his favorite restaurant and achieve his dreams of being a five-star chef? Probably. Did the diners even give his signature dish a chance before they judged him on the fact that he had a pelt, a frankly disgusting tail, and beady little eyes? No. One woman who witnessed the rat’s plunge was upset that the restaurant didn’t comp her meal. The restaurant claims that a nearby construction site is sending rats into its building. We know the truth, Japonessa.

City Hall lobby to be used as homeless shelter: There is room for 120 sleeping mats in the Seattle City Hall lobby. The overnight shelter ran by the Salvation Army and open for operation on June 29. It will add to the shelter already functioning in City Hall three floors below the lobby. That shelter has a capacity of 60.

Shooting near SeaTac: A shooter is being sought after opening fire on four cars along Highway 509 near SeaTac Airport. The shots originated from the tree line along the highway. No injuries were reported.

Fatal Kent shooting: At around 2 a.m. a 25-year-old man was killed in Kent. He appeared to know his shooter. His death was the result of an argument. Police are investigating.

Family of five killed in Brinnon fire: Flames engulfed their cabin in Hood Canal. Jerry and Jenny Drake along with their three children, all under 12, died. No foul play is suspected. There will be a vigil for the family at Cascade Community Church in Monroe.

Yesterday was weirdly wet, don’t dwell on it: The wet weather was a glitch in the matrix, an exception to the rule. Today, it’ll be cool. Soon, it’ll be scorching.

New Blabbermouth! A Congresswoman Spoke to Mothers Separated from Their Children by ICE. Here's What They Told Her.

Over 1,400 detained immigrant children are living in a former Walmart: Speaking of inhumane bullshit, let's get into this.These kids are living in what authorities are calling a shelter but seems much more like a prison. This journalist from MSNBC took a look inside. Here’s some highlights (or lowlights depending on how sad it makes you feel) from his thread:

Marvel’s Stan Lee could be an elder abuse victim: The 95-year-old comic book author’s well-being is under investigation. Keya Morgan has been acting as Lee’s manager. A restraining order has been filed against Morgan. Allegedly, Morgan has isolated Lee from his close friends and family, taken control of his home and his security team, and has overwhelmingly inserted himself into Lee’s affairs.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders refutes departure claims: Yesterday, the news broke that Sanders was planning on leaving the White House by the end of the year. And why wouldn’t she? She’s terrible and so is her job. Still, she apparently loves what she does and has no plans to leave. We’ll see.

Americans think God looks like a young, caucasian man: Psychologists at the University of North Carolina tested a sample of 511 Americans. They looked through hundreds of faces and chose which they thought looked like god to them. Most selected a young white man.

This god is the guy who breathes a plume of smoke in your face and lets you know that vaping is much healthier for you. This god wears Sperrys with ankle-high tube socks and tells you why he’s not a feminist. This god is named Chris or Spencer and his favorite movie is Pulp Fiction.

Mike Pompeo says sanctions against North Korea will remain: Until North Korea “accomplishes complete denuclearization.” He softened some of Trump’s claims after the North Korea summit, but did not retract them, reports the New York Times.

Jogger who destroyed homeless man’s things charged with robbery: An Oakland man dumped a homeless man’s belongings into the trash and into a lake. He was filmed while doing so. He also returned the next day for unknown reasons. When confronted by people filming, the man allegedly tried to grab the phone. Now, the man is facing legal consequences for his actions, something he probably never anticipated.

Florida man calls police to test his meth for him: He had a bad reaction when he smoked what he thought was meth. He wanted to press charges against the person he bought the drugs from, believing he had been sold another illegal substance. Naturally, he drove to the police to ensure the quality of the drugs purchased. They were tested and were indeed meth. He was then arrested and charged with possession. Florida Man strikes again.

Did you know today is Donald Trump's birthday? If you didn't, I'm sorry for informing you. If you did, I'm sorry you were weighed down with that burdensome knowledge. Regardless, do something nice today. Not for Donald Trump. For someone who has been negatively impacted by Donald Trump's existence. That's a wide net I just cast so you have no excuse to not do something nice for someone. It's also my oldest brother's birthday today. What an unfortunate birthday.

Update from my alley:

It’s that time of the summer where the people who are only here for school move out. The cult is gone from the apartment behind me, when I peer out my blinds I don’t see them in their prayer circle but painters retouching their walls. There are U-Hauls and pick-ups clogging the alley. Above all, there are mattresses upon mattresses.
Maybe it’s just young people, but I don’t know if anyone knows how to properly dispose of a mattress. It’s probably laziness or the convenience of having the alley as a black hole to throw anything into. It’s a bad habit, but, typically, whatever you put in the alley disappears mysteriously within days.

There have been five mattresses placed within its depths since Thursday. Two of them were gone within five hours of me noticing them. The ones I saw yesterday are definitely saturated with water from the unprecedented rainfall. Still, I bet they’ll be gone by the end of the day. Who takes alley mattresses? I’ve seen one reclaimed as an opioid den last summer, but that’s about it.
I never see anyone place the mattresses and I never see anyone take them away. The alley is the abyss. You cannot stare at it for too long without it staring back.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: The latest installment of local playwright Sara Porkalob's family saga, Dragon Mama, the opening of Incredibles 2, and a stand-up show with Kevin Hart.