Slow and steady wins the race?
Slow and steady wins the race? batuhan toker / getty images

Washington State is warming slower than the rest of the United States: Every state besides Washington has seen annual average temperatures rise more than a degree in the last 30 years. Washington’s temperature, on the other hand, has gone up only half of a degree. Alaska’s, the most dramatic increase, has risen 2.4 degrees. Scientists say not to put too much stock into Washington’s lower numbers—30 years is nothing when you’re looking at climate. Also, the Pacific Coast warms slower due to the “moderating influence of the ocean,” as the Seattle Times puts it. The biggest takeaway is that climate change is real, and if you don’t believe that you’re a science-hating idiot.

Shooting at Tumwater Walmart stopped by armed citizen: There was a chaotic string of incidents including two carjackings and shootings at two different locations. The first, near Tumwater High School, saw a 16-year-old girl caught in the crossfire. The second occurred in a Walmart parking lot. The suspect was attempting to carjack the second vehicle, injuring the driver, when an armed bystander intervened and fired his weapon. The suspect was killed. Anti-gun-control nuts are going to have a heyday when they catch wind of this story.

Two brothers will stand trial for Jungle shootings: Two people were killed and three others were seriously wounded in the Jungle homeless encampment in early 2016. Two of three brothers were charged with murder and assault. The centerpiece of their trial will be a 90-minute audio and video recording that caught the brothers “admitting their involvement in the homicide, shooting, and robbery” reports the Seattle Times. The suspects were 16 and 17 when the crimes were committed. Despite attempts by their lawyers to get the recordings thrown out, in a trial concerning the suspects’ younger brother (13 years old when charged, currently 16), the same recordings were found to be lawfully recorded and viable evidence.

Oregon dog survived two gunshot wounds, finds home with vet: No, not a veterinarian. The dog was adopted from the Tri-City Animal Shelter in Pasco by a veteran. The man, recently back from Afghanistan, saw that the dog was a little banged up and he was a little banged up too. He thought they would be a good match.

Okay, it’s actually going to be hot this week: Yeah, yeah, I know you get heated whenever I say 70 degrees is hot. Everything is relative, and people I know here max out at 70 degrees. They’re going to be awfully sad when they see the forecast this week. Seattle is threatening to get up to the 90s. What was that about annual rise in temperature??? Anyway—90 degrees? That means beach day and vacating my upstairs coffin-of-a-room until midnight each night. If my friend Matthew is reading this, can I please borrow that air-conditioner you're not using?

Uber plans new docked bike share in Seattle: It’s called JUMP, it’s bright red, and I think it looks bulky. Part of that might be the electrical assist. JUMP bikes can reach a max speed of 20 miles per hour. GeekWire’s review said the ride was pleasant and similar to the Lime e-bike. Uber can’t launch JUMP until the Seattle Department of Transportation formalizes bike-share regulations.

Wipe down needed on next bike share ride: While we’re on the topic, next time you pick up a Spin, ofo, or LimeBike, maybe give the seat a good, thorough wipe down before you sit. Saturday’s Fremont Solstice Parade saw nude cyclists picking up whichever bike share bike they could and planting their painted, glittery, or bare asses (sometimes all three) on the seats. More people than usual participated in the annual event thanks to the increased bike access bike share provides. Some people actually put protective coverings down, which is very considerate. Others…? Not so much.

A look inside the epicenter of immigrant family separations: A 77,000-square-foot facility in McAllen, Texas, is ground zero for family separations. Called Ursula, the facility is Border Patrol’s Central Processing Center. Migrants are detained in chain-link cages. There are single adults, families, and unaccompanied minors waiting to get processed. More kids are separated from their families here than anywhere in the United States. Most families don’t know if or when they’ll be separated until the last minute. There are only four social workers to assist separated or unaccompanied kids.

This whole thing is bad for children, it turns out: Concerned pediatricians are warning that these conditions breed “toxic stress that disrupts a child's brain development and harms long-term health,” reports NPR. The long-term impacts could manifest by way of behavioral and medical problems. More and more children under the age of 13 are arriving at shelters. One worker at a migrant shelter quit when he was instructed to tell two siblings that they were prohibited from hugging each other.

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal spoke on the issue yesterday in Seattle:

College Board making changes to AP World History curriculum: The nonprofit organization wants to cut out more than 9,000 years of world history from the course’s curriculum. The plan is to start the course at year 1450. Critics say this is a disservice to students, that it will be harder to understand other historical events without ancient context, and that the course will be too Europe-centric. Currently, the course is too long for most teachers to tackle in an entire year, according to College Board.

Traffic report from Hawaii: Expect delays on your morning commute, the traffic is, uh, molten.

Mexico fans set off earthquake sensors after World Cup win: Mexico’s win against defending World Cup champion Germany was unprecedented. A goal in the 35th minute of the game made by Hirving Lozano triggered an artificial quake in Mexico City from celebrating fans. Mexico will play South Korea next Saturday.

Brazil and Switzerland tied 1-1: It was a disappointing opener for the South American powerhouse and popular pick to win this year’s tournament. Their offense dominated Switzerland’s defense with 21 shots on goals but were unable to break through.

Watch this absolutely filthy move by Gabriel Jesus: Also, if you don’t know anything about Jesus’s story, read this. Damn near made me tear up.

Python eats entire woman in Indonesia: It’s rare, but pythons can prey on humans, swallowing us and our false sense of security whole. In Indonesia, this has somehow happened twice in a little over a year. An Indonesian villager went outside to check on her corn one night. She didn’t return in the morning. The next day, a snake so bloated it couldn’t move was found. The woman was inside, swallowed whole, dead.

Consent is sexy, even for robots: Sex robots are smart—they are built to respond to stimuli and they can learn from and remember their experiences. But, they also have a mind of their own, somewhat. Sexbot Samantha, for instance, is designed to detect when touching is too rough or aggressive and will shut down. She can also say no if she’s “not in the mood,” and similarly turn from an intelligent robot into a hunk of plastic. Progress, I guess?

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: An evening with the multi-talented Shirley MacLaine, a poetry and prose reading benefitting Iraqi and Syrian refugees, and a punk show with Isenordal, Void Omnia, and Addaura.