Looking at the moon soon-to-be just for Prime members
Looking at the moon soon-to-be just for Prime members Yommy8008 /Getty Images

Solutions are out there to make Aurora safer: Have you ever driven on the Aurora Bridge and felt like you were an inch away from hurtling toward death? That’s probably because the only thing separating oncoming traffic is a flimsy double-yellow line. A concrete barrier would take six lanes down to four or five but it could reduce deadly crashes like the fatal Ride the Ducks crash in 2015. Some solutions advocate for putting in a moveable barrier like “transportation zipper” in like the one that runs down the Golden Gate Bridge.

Just announced! Jon Bellion at WaMu Theater on 7/16/19. Tix on sale this Friday!

Something’s fishy in this testimony: Attorneys in the Charleena Lyles case allege that one of the Seattle Police Officers perjured himself when he said Lyles’ apartment door “was closed when she was shot through the unit.” Audio and video of the shooting show the officer stepping through an open door into a hallway as he fired. Lyles had called to report a burglary but was fatally shot after she attacked the officers trapped in her apartment with knives and they had to act in self-defense, or, that’s what the officers say. But, what they’re saying is being called into question because of the inconsistency of the officer’s statement.

Jeff Bezos wants to conquer the moon: Reach for the moon, Jeff, and if you miss you’ll land among the stars. But, knowing Jeff, he won’t miss. Bezos is determined to make it into space and he sees the Moon as the first step to getting a strong foothold in space. He lays in bed at night, eyes up at the ceiling, hands folded across the breast of his custom satin pajama top, dreaming of a permanently inhabited lunar settlement. Many are concerned that this could disrupt Neil Armstrong’s historic landing site. I guess that’s the only thing anyone could find to get upset about.

The sixth military branch is….: The Space Force. It’s exactly what we needed! Soon, the threat from the stars will be neutralized and we will be able to rest in the succulent ecstasy of peace. President Trump is over just having an American presence in space. He wants American dominance in space. Get this man a Death Star. (Please do not actually get this man a Death Star, that was written in jest.)

More on that Tumwater shooting: Walmart was really a one-stop-shop for this guy; he fired shots in the store, stole ammunition from there, almost got a new (read: stolen) car, and, ultimately, met his demise at the hands of a valued Walmart customer. The gunman, Tim O. Day, has a violent history that includes “violations of a domestic-violence protection order, felony assault and making death threats,” the Seattle Times found. A 16-year-old boy, not a girl as was first reported, was shot by Day near Tumwater High School.

Washington IDs aren’t cutting it anymore: Starting in October 2020, Washington residents will need an enhanced driver’s license to make it on a domestic flight. Starting in July of this year, standard licenses will be marked that they aren’t sufficient for federal identification purposes. The changes come in compliance with the REAL ID Act that mandates state standard licenses to have security enhancements and be issued to people who can prove they’re legally in the US.

Record-breaking heat! The earlier days of the week will be the hottest due to a large ridge of high pressure off the coast. The heat is building today but tomorrow will be the hottest of the week.

Amazon’s hotly contested facial recognition software: The ACLU has submitted 150,000 signatures to Amazon urging them to stop selling the software to police agencies. Some of Amazon’s investors are taking the ACLU’s side. They say that Amazon’s Rekognition product can be used to discriminate against minorities, immigrants, or political protesters. The lack of regulation or restriction is scary to some of Amazon’s investors.

Trump defends his no-tolerance policy: Despite backlash about how separating migrant children from their families is “cruel” and “inhumane,” Donald Trump defended it aggressively. He again asserted that these people “could be murderers and thieves” and that wrongly cited that crime had risen in Germany because of immigration. Attorney General Jeff Sessions as well as Kirstjen Nielsen, secretary of homeland security, strongly and forcefully supported the policy.

The opposition is getting tougher: As it should be.

Can the Koch brothers die already? The no-good meddling oil barons are continuing their crusade against high taxes and large government by targeting a new enemy: public transit. They say that transit is a waste of taxpayer money. They’ve already defeated a public transit plan in Nashville using a sophisticated data service “to identify and rally voters who might support their worldview,” reports the New York Times.

Americans own 40 percent of the world’s guns: About 85 percent of guns in the world are owned by civilians. That’s 857 million guns and “393 million are in the United States - more than all of the firearms held by ordinary citizens in the other top 25 countries combined,” reports AFP.

Headline that I’d like to see turned into a new HBO limited series: Cops: Drug raid in Fla. retirement community uncovers possible golf cart chop-shop

Happy Juneteenth! It’s a holiday that celebrates emancipation. In Texas, June 19th — or Juneteenth — was the day where post-Civil War Texans celebrated the announcement of emancipation. Announcement is the key word because even though President Lincoln had signed the Emancipation Proclamation slave owners weren’t just going to give up their slaves. Slowly, emancipation swept through Texas and Juneteenth became a day of jubilee. As blacks migrated from the South away from Jim Crow, Juneteenth spread far and wide. Read more about the holiday here.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A comedy set with "one of the funniest humans on Earth" Ron Funches, an Appalachian-inspired folk show with Joan Shelley and Marisa Anderson, and a reading with prolific sci-fi writer and The Expanse executive producer Daniel Abraham.

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