Led by a Chaplain from Washington State, 600 Members of Jeff Sessions's Church Charged Him with Cruelty and Abuse



They must've missed the part about Sessions being a virulent and now violent racist for the last six decades.

Heresy charges or GTFO.


Given how the GOP in general pays little more than lip-service to organized religion, wrapping themselves in the Bible when convenient and blatantly ignoring the teachings of Yeshua when it's not, I really don't see how this should come as a surprise to them. At least we're not talking Fundamentalists here, who have clearly demonstrated their hypocrisy by ignoring the innumerable moral transgressions committed by members of this administration going all the way to the top.


Haven't they heard? Sessions worships a different god now.


People need to tell the members and enablers of this criminal administration that if they believe in God, they can be sure that they are going to hell when they die.


Please. Geoffery Bowregard Sessions has long been under enormous stress, having been deeply traumatized at the tender age of 22, by the passing of the Civil Rights Act, in 1964.

He hasn't hardly been himself, ever since.

For now, it's about all he can do just to forgive himself.


QUOTE: "The goal is to hopefully get Attorney General Sessions to talk to his pastors and church leaders, bring his position in line with the church's doctrines and social principles, and end the damage he is causing." UNQUOTE

This scares me even more ... to know that a man in his role in government might align his position "with the church's doctrines". That's all fine and dandy as this sounds like a reasonable denomination (out of thousands), but what if he belonged to the wackiest fundamentalist sect - one that, say, dispensed the death penalty automatically for certain transgressions?


I'm not the least bit surprised by this. Here's hoping the entire filthy RepubliKKKan Empire of Evil faces the guillotine, Sessions included, and soon while we still have a functioning planet.
@1, @2, @4 & @5 : Thank you for beating me to it. Well said.


@6 It's the Methodist church, they are actually very decent. They used to be very active in sponsoring refugees throughout the 80's and 90's (and might still be doing it, but I don't know for sure). They had programs where the church provided housing for the refugees for several months, and the congregation volunteers help with teaching English, giving rides to appointments and taking kids to school, and help the refugees to adjust to living in the US. The congregations in Seattle were some of the first churches to support LGBT rights and gay marriage. I don't know what happened to Sessions to make him such a vile bigot, but it's not the Methodist teachings. Though I agree that we must have separation of church and state, it's good that his church is calling him out on his cruelty and immoral actions. I'm sick of the GOP always bleating about God and family values, when it's clear they don't give a shit about either! If they actually believe in God, they're be in deathly fear of being struck down where they stand, after what they've been doing!


Everyone's a sinner, but Jesus forgives Republicans.


The Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a more sympathetic character than Jeff Sessions. He is a feckless runt.


Yep, our businessman president and his toady AG think its a good idea to pay defense contractors almost $800 per day, per child to warehouse kids in old Walmarts because they are brown. Racist and fiscally irresponsible? In this economy? Buddy you have to pick one.


Jesus Loves Me, But He Can't Stand You, by the Austin Lounge Lizards, is the doctrine JBS subscribes to.



Cru-ci-fy him, cru-ci-fy him!