Washington State University Quarterback's Parents Say He Had CTE When He Committed Suicide



Mike Leach got fired from Texas Tech for ignoring concussion protocol. Fuck that guy. He's part of the problem.


As long as we keep loving football this will continue.


What attitude is demonstrated by parents who choose--in the name of science? in a search for answers?--the dissection of their son's suicided body? I'm not judging. It's gotta be an emotionally charged decision. (and maybe a 'healing' one).


@3 - a lot of families of athletes who suspect CTE-related causes of death get these autopsies done. I'm sure at least part of it is to have an answer and some closure, but I have no doubt that some of the motivation is to generate more evidence that their loved one was the victim of a system that willingly trades players' brains for profits.


One of the papers I read said that he "had the brain of a 65-year old man."
And that scared me. [looks in mirror]
Well no wonder the kid was fucked up, he had the brain of a baby-boomer!
In a way, he's lucky- he didn't end up stealing money from his kids or collecting Grateful Dead records.