Trump Ruins Everything, Even the Pleasure of Arguing About David Lynch



While I find it highly unlikely Trump will be remembered as one of the greatest presidents in US history (unless we have another major national or world wide war), Lynch isn't exactly incorrect in stating that he's uncovered the idiocy in our government. Maybe it just took a monumental fool to show how many other fools there were running things (or more accurately, not running things).


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Lynch had half a point: No one (no current Democratic Pol, certainly) is able to counter him in an intelligent way. Someone better learn to shit-talk right to Trump's fat bald head before 2020 (I'm looking at you, Kamala Harris).


And I almost forgot...





The guy who brought Canada Medicare for all -- Tommy Douglas -- is considered to be the Greatest Canadian of ALL. Great big Statues and shit EVERYwhere. In Canada.

Trumpfy bring Medicare for All to US, he's gonna be up there* -- regardless of the rest of his soon-to-be-forgotten-(by-most-Americans) shitstorm over/upon America.

*Mt. Rushmore, here he comes!
(long as he doesn't blow us up first.)


TweetyAmin has definitely put the entire GOP and a lot of Dem leadership out on parade with their pants pulled down, and Lynch is not wrong to point that out.


The greatest disappointment of this entire sleazy, disgusting ordeal is the failure of Democratic leadership to counter this vile, ugly, racist, fascist turd. Shumer and Pelosi are the self-appointed civility police, having the gall to tell us how to react to a white supremacist terrorist attack.

Obama is one of the most respected leaders on the planet, and he acts like he can’t even be bothered as we watch our democracy go down the tubes. Sorry, he’s too busy cashing in with Netflix and book deals. Late night comedians have been more engaged and effective, which is truly pathetic.


@2 Max Solomon: How about Andrew Cuomo? He's from NYC and onto Mein Trumpfy's evil plot. New York Times Op. Ed. columnist Froma Harrop thinks Cuomo could take Mein Trumpfy and its neofascist Nutzi regime down. I'd vote for Cuomo if not Elizabeth Warren (except she's not running) for 2020.
@5 Original Andrew: sigh Agreed again. The very idea that our last legitimately twice elected President, Barack Obama has turned his back on the demise of this benighted country is just sad. All I ever get from Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi anymore are shaming emails, begging me for money I don't have to get them to do what should be their job. Mein Trumpfy going down as "one of the greatest Presidents in U.S. history"?!? Is David Lynch on crack?? WTF??


@6: fine, Cuomo. I don't care. someone start getting under his skin. attack his vanities.

@5, 6: Obama is, again, respecting the office. Bush the War Criminal left and STFU. Obama believes the same is appropriate, apparently. I'm sure Trump won't jail him after he suspends the Constitution and stays in office after 2024.


Does THIS sound familiar>>>

From June 13, 1934:

Professor Henry J. Cadbury, a broadminded and liberal Christian friend of the Jews, said at the Conference:

“By hating Hitler and trying to fight back, Jews are only increasing the severity of his policies against them.

“If Jews throughout the world try to instill into the minds of Hitler and his supporters recognition of the ideals for which the race stands, and if Jews appeal to the German sense of justice and the German national conscience. I am sure the problem will be solved more effectively and earlier than otherwise.”


Just a huge lmao at anyone who thinks Cuomo should run for president and that he could win, just lol there are no words jesus christ


Lynch as an artist is right, I get what he's saying (I say this in complete loathing of the frumpy one!). His big mistake is not properly calculating the inevitable deplorable (mis)interpretations (including Seans).
All in all it's just another daily diversionary attention getting drama. Everybody says "no drama" but Trump knows we LOVE drama. It seems to be working. Even the intelligent ones take the bait.


David Lynch’s net worth is about 60 million. So, really? Who cares or can relate with him anyway. He doesnt have to worry about living in an RV or tent, nor the uptick of crime in his neighborhood, or health insurance, or just making it on a progressive liberals idea that $15.00 is going to cut it living in Seattle. I do enjoy his film work though, so his political opinions are irrelevant to me as they really should anyone.


“Who cares or can relate with him anyway.
I do enjoy his film work though,
so his political opinions are irrelevant to me
as they really should anyone.”

Well said, Thorny.
Probably your very best post yet.


@7 Max Solomon: Did something in my comment (@6) regarding former President Barack Obama piss you off? I wasn't being snarky.
@9 trollingoneverything: Do you even know who Andrew Cuomo is?


Just a reminder, folks: lies, hate propaganda, and "reality" TV are what got us into this mess to begin with. If you don't believe me that this totally fucked up, watch The Truman Show with Jim Carrey in the starring role.


The fact that anyone thinks Andrew Cuomo should run on the Democratic ticket says a hell of a lot about how much barrel scraping is already going on for 2020.


@13: Yes, I do. He is an awful democrat who effectively kept a Republican majority in the NY state senate and has only moved left because of a left challenge from Cynthia Nixon. He has, cynically, governed far further right than the New York electorate, crippled the MTA, and is an all around party machine worm—the worst impulses and most caricatured characteristics of the democratic establishment rolled up and embodied by this hopefully soon-to-be-irrelevant ghoul.

Here's to hoping he gets defeated by Nixon a la Crowley's loss to the amazing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Inshallah.


Andrew Cuomo is awful. Essentially no redeeming qualities. I would still vote for him over Trump if it came to that.


no redeeming qualities but he does meet the baseline criteria of someone who should not be locked away for life, at least.