Beak> flex some scary, Goblin-like muscles on Allé Sauvage.
Beak> flex some scary, Goblin-like muscles on "Allé Sauvage." Temporary Residence Ltd.

Beak>, "Allé Sauvage [Live at Invada Studios]" (Invada/Temporary Residence). Beak> are the low-key, krautrock-loving side project of Portishead's Geoff Barrow. With Billy Fuller and Will Young in tow, the renowned British producer explores an intriguing hybrid of Teutonic-inflected rock and gut-churning electronic music that may not equal Portishead in the fraught-emotions realm, but the band does serve as an outlet for the players' unconventional textures and mantric rhythms. And you should know by now that anything Barrow touches merits close listening.

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"Allé Sauvage" is the first track from Beak>'s forthcoming album, out this fall. It's a suspenseful blood-chiller in the Goblin circa Zombi vein, with an icy keyboard drone frosting a white-knuckling synth ostinato and minimalist, Holger Czukay-esque bass throb. This version is a live rendering of the studio take that will appear on the album. And speaking of live, here's some exciting news: Beak> will play Columbia City Theater October 7. (They also perform at Portland's Star Theater on October 8.) These dates are part of the band's first North American tour in five years.