Federal Police Sweep Protesters from Portland ICE Property



What is local police obligated to do? What are the orders from Portland's mayor?


Well....law and order has been restored in Portland ICE HQ.

Time now for the group to re-organize:

a) We have the appointment of a new Supreme Court judge....get your tents, barricades, pots and pans out....and head to DC...there is gonna be some serious noise to be made. Bang real hard so the White house can hear.

b) The Public Employee Unions just got their ass handed to them vis-a-vis union dues....better get more pots and pans. I think you can get some cheap at Amazon.com

c) With the head tax gone...Amazon pots and pans offerings will be cheaper than ever.....gotta look at good side of a bad situation.



Naw, hopefully public unions will do the obvious thing: if someone desn't want to pay union dues to be represented, fine; just don't expect to have their job protected by a collective bargaining agreement. If they're such a bootstrapping, union-hating individualist, they can just march themselves right into their boss' office and negotiate their own wages and working conditions. I mean, that works every time, right?


@ 5 Naw....the public unions, just like government officials are so good at what they do and don't forget super productive, no employee would dream of anything better.

Could it be, those, however few, who would dare leave the supple and bloated breast of the unions would have to simply negotiate separate and apart.

My goodness, it would be well.....just like the rest of us in private industry or in the regular work force.

What is going on in this crazy, mixed up world. Individuals having to be responsible for themselves...will the horror never end.


One thing is for sure.....there is gonna be a lot less Union money buying elected officials and influencing elections. Boy..oh boy.... that will give those Russian buying election folks..."I mean alleged Russian buying election scum" something to think about.

The elected representative will have to run on potentially on merits, issues and not on the agenda of the unions.

Again...what craziness..... Oh the horror.



Don't you worry little fella, those corporate donations are going to keep rolling in.

Nobody's going to have to worry about merit or issues, they're just going to follow the agenda of their corporate donors.


@8 It will be a pleasant change from the Union's socialist agenda. Imagine you gotta work to make a living....its not handed out.


@10 I see the nursing home is letting you rant on the internet again. They really need to keep you sedated more often.



The anti-labor movement is playing the long game. Companies will just provide uniform pay grades and benefits for all employees, union or not, and make sure everyone knows it, too.

This ruling would kill Unions as we know them in the US, if they hadn't already been dead for 37 years.


Hmph, that was meant to be @5.


Calling for the disbandment of ICE is truly a misguided policy. Removing illegal aliens with deportation orders in place is their main purpose. They may be a violent felon or a nonviolent offender with active deportation orders. I could not imagine that the people calling for this to take place actually want the laws of our country to go unenforced, or do they? Perhaps they do. ICE also inspects cargo, investigates and apprehends those seeking to illegally smuggle contraband into the US. There is PLENTY for them to do, so leave them alone and let them do their job. They have been heckled as of late and protest camps set up at their facilities, where the operative slogan from the protesters is to declare them to be Nazis. Believe me, the ONLY people acting like Nazis are the protesters,as they attempt to foment anarchy, just as the early Nazis commonly did.