Pixar's Bao Is More Than an Appetizer: It Is a Landmark in Asian Visibility



So, we're not going to talk about the incest-vore at all?




@1 - As a parent who had to swallow the melancholy tears caused by “My Little Peanut” becoming a woman and moving in with her boyfriend (I am “The Big Legume”), I can relate to the mother in Bao and the symbolism of the image she used to connect with her son – and I also understand her frustrated attempt to solidify that image to keep him from changing. While initially shocking, I instantly realized exactly what she was doing, and the reconciliation was warm and fuzzy – wonderful. Bravo, Bao.


as a white american male vegetarian, anthropomorphized foods always creep me out and I was unable to overcome this ingrained bias when watching this short film.


The population of the United States that is Asian is less than 6%. I would say they are being represented just fine.


@4: Are you sure you're not vegan? You sure SOUND like a vegan.

The short was great, and I'd say that even if the spitting image of the human bao wasn't a member of my party when I saw it. The story is pretty simple and sweet, and the animation/expressions were hilarious and fully capable of conveying the dialogue without a word spoken. I was especially impressed by the texture work on the food; it looked amazingly real.


5: and as a non-Asian, you of course feel perfectly entitled to decide what level of Asian representation is enough, and will, at some point soon, should you respond to this, inevitably start going on and on about how "white men are the real victims in this country".


I am a white female and I love to see all cultures in films because I always learn something about people and myself, and because I want to understand the whole world, not just white culture. I got the stuff about the dumpling growing up but I was still confused by the film. I am embarrassed to say that my confusion was that I thought the mother was a young boy who had befriended the baby Bao. Maybe its my stereotyping of females/males or unfamiliarity with Asian physical characteristics. Also the mother appeared to be eating after everyone else must have left the table, or was she cooking for herself? Before she had any other child? Did she have only one child? I have 2 grown daughters and can totally relate to all the stages shown in the film and the heartbreak of them leaving home.


" 'white men are the real victims in this country'."
AbnSP, please, don't take that away from us --
it's our Victimhood what unites us
and makes us Strong.


4 was that made worse for you by the fact that actual bao usually have a meat filling?


I’ll think I’ll stick with the Madagascar Penguins and their “toxic mission-ready masculinity”. LOL


11: Your call. Interesting choice for someone who's avatar(Cary Grant) was an acid-dropping closet case.