Brad Tilbe prefers to wing it in his wildly eclectic DJ sets.
Brad Tilbe prefers to wing it in his wildly eclectic DJ sets. Garrett Day

BRAD TILBE (Light in the Attic; Hollow Earth Radio)

Current top 5 tracks:

Wally Badarou, "In the Morning" (Disktopia)

DVWB, "Aqua" (Because Music)

Say Hi, "Every Gauge Is on Empty" (Euphobia)

Jorge Ben, "Ponta De Lança Africano (Umbabarauma)" (Philips)

Pontiak, "Ghosts" (Thrill Jockey)

Crew/label affiliation: "I manage and curate the Light in the Attic record shop at Seattle Center. I've been with the label for about four years; started out in the warehouse back in 2014."

Styles played: "It all depends on where I am spinning and my mood. Sometimes I'll want to spin all 45s, sometimes I'll want to just do a world-music set."

Events organized: "I book DJ nights here and there and will always ask a friend to spin with me. We'll trade off sets based on how much time we have. That's always a good time and my friends are always playing killer stuff as well as turning me on to new music."

DJing philosophy: "I rarely, if ever, plan my set and will just thumb through my collection and pull what feels right to me at that time and bring it. I'll put it all together when I arrive genre- and style-wise and then just let her rip. Once you start coming up with stuff in advance, it takes the fun out of it. Once it starts to feel like a drag, then you're doing it wrong, and maybe you shouldn't be doing it. It's exciting to me when I allow myself to be in the moment. I sometimes have no idea what I am playing next and when there's one minute left in the song, that intense feeling of perhaps fucking yourself with dead air is pretty great."

Format: "Vinyl."

Worst request: "Fortunately enough, I haven't received a single request!"

Upcoming events: "I DJ on Hollow Earth Radio every Monday from 12 pm-2 pm (the Beeswax show). Other than that, I don't have anything coming up—but that could change at any time."