Two Pieces of Inspired Signage at Families Belong Together March in LA
Two pieces of inspired wignage at the Families Belong Together March in LA. Kassie Thornton

Families Belong Together: "Galvanized by the images and voices of migrant children separated from their parents by President Trump’s immigration policies, hundreds of thousands took to the streets Saturday in major cities and small towns across America to express outrage that they hope will carry over into the fall election," the Los Angeles Times reports.

ICE Agents Are the New Trump Staffers: Last week, Politico ran a giant story about how no one in Washington, DC, likes wants to fuck Trump staffers. After one White House staffer disclosed where and for whom she worked to someone she'd matched with on Tinder, her match angrily asked her, "Do you rip babies from their mothers?” Silly Tinder match! It's ICE agents who rip babies from the arms of their mothers, not Trump staffers! Everyone knows that! And that's making ICE agents sad, reports the LA Times: “Even the cops don’t like us anymore because they’re listening to the news also,” one anonymous ICE agent told the paper. “‘Oh you guys are just separating families.’”

Seattle Has Truly Lost Its Soul: "Like all truly frightening things, the Coke machine near the corner of John and Broadway is mysterious to the core," David Schmader wrote in The Stranger's 2002 Halloween Issue. "Who owns this Coke machine? Who restocks it? There are no answers. Beyond the standard options—in this case, Coke, Mountain Dew (regular), 7 Up, Barq's Root Beer, and Pepsi, designated by name on brightly colored buttons, there is one more button. This is the Mystery Button. Mystery it reads, with question marks placed menacingly next to the first and last letters. Both the word and the marks were made with fading colored mini-markers. It's terrifying." Seattle's terrifying Mystery Coke Machine disappeared without a trace over the weekend, CHS reports.

"¡Olé!" Can You See: Mexican voters chose a new president yesterday—choosing a new president is something we might get to do again someday—and they elected "atypical leftist" Andrés Manuel López Obrador in a landslide. "Mr. López Obrador’s victory puts a leftist leader at the helm of Latin America’s second-largest economy for the first time in decades, a prospect that has filled millions of Mexicans with hope—and the nation’s elites with trepidation," says the New York Times. AMLO, as he's known, was the mayor of Mexico City, he's called Donald Trump "erratic and arrogant," and he doesn't seem any likelier than the last guy to pay for what another former Mexican president called Trump's "fucking wall." Despite his harsh criticism for Trump, some see worrying Trump-ish traits in AMLO: "At a glance, Trump and López Obrador would appear to have little in common: AMLO, unlike the American president, comes from a humble background. His parents ran a store in a village in the remote state of Tabasco. A lifelong politician, he openly disdains wealth. Still, the temperamental similarities between the two are intriguing: AMLO views himself as rising above the pesky norms of institutionalized politics and legal niceties because he is looking out for Mexico’s 'forgotten man.' He considers that his own intuition, forceful leadership and personal example will suffice to defeat the 'mafias del poder,' the power mafias, that plague Mexico with the 'cancer of corruption.'"

Michael Cohen Fires a Warning Shot: In an interview with George Stephanopoulos that aired on ABC this morning, Trump's former personal lawyer—the guy whose duties included doling out hush money to porn stars—let his old boss know that he can't count on his loyalty. "Cohen has frequently been aggressive towards reporters working on stories about Trump," says the Guardian. "He said last September he was 'the guy who would take a bullet for the president' and would 'never walk away.' But in the ABC interview, he said: 'My wife, my daughter, and my son have my first loyalty and always will. I put family and country first.'" He also said that he refused to be “a punching bag as part of anyone’s defense strategy," and that the Mueller probe is not a "witch hunt."

Susan Collins v. Your Intelligence: Think Progress: "On Sunday, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) gave a moment of hope to anyone praying that the Supreme Court is not about to take a hard lurch to the right—when she claimed that anyone Donald Trump nominates to the Court 'who would overturn Roe v. Wade would not be acceptable to me.' That hope did not last long, however, as Collins quickly revealed that she is either the most credulous person on the planet, or that she thinks that everyone listening to her is very stupid." Collins doesn't think Trump's first appointment to the Supreme Court, Neil "Stolen Robes" Gorsuch, is going to vote to repeal Roe v. Wade because she looked into his eyes and got a feeling—oh, and he said he "respects precedent," and that's all Collins needs to hear. Think Progress walks you through why Gorsuch is OF COURSE a vote against Roe v. Wade. Trump's next nominee will be, too—Trump has promised again and again only to appoint anti-choice justices—but Collins would like you to believe that black is white and up is down and that puddle of gelatinous goo pooling at her feet is her spine.

Armpit of the Day: Fetish model Polopluto—but he's way more of a foot guy.

The World Cup: It's the cuppiest cup that ever cupped. Live cupdates courtesy of the BBC.

Enjoy 'Em While You Can: A woman walking on a Whidbey Island beach saw a group of orcas swimming just offshore. "The most incredible encounter I’ve had! I had lots of whale karma built up," Dori Dace wrote in a Facebook post. "Don’t mind the commentary, I was trying not to faint."

Puget Sound's orcas are hurtling toward extinction thanks to inbreeding, too little salmon, getting out hustled by other marine mammals, and kayakers.

Suck On This: It's now against the law for restaurants in Seattle to hand out non-compostable plastic straws and utensils. "The full ban went into effect on July 1, a decade after the city first introduced a measure requiring restaurants to use only recyclable and compostable materials," The Hill reports. "Restaurants and businesses like food trucks and grocery stores may provide compostable plastic or paper straws on request, and flexible plastic straws will still be available for customers with a medical necessity." More than 500,000,000 disposable plastic straws are used in the United States every day, according to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, and tens of millions wind up in rivers, lakes, and oceans. So, yeah, let's all get used to drinking from glasses again like grown-ups, huh?

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