At Least One Savage Love Reader Has Taken Up Arms



And where has she taken arms up? ;)


Did you all see the ICE protester on the Statue of Liberty? Amazing! I applaud.


You GO, girl!!! ITMFA and Viva le Resistance!
@2 Phoebe in Wallingford: No, I didn't see the ICE protester on the Statue of Liberty, and wish I had. +1 I share your Amazing! and applaud.


I get that Pence has experience governing, and he behaves like an adult, and that makes him more appealing. But what do you think he would actually DO better than Trump? You trade away an incompetent boob who can't repeal Obamacare with a Republican majority, just so you can get, what? A right-wing asshole who is actually experienced enough to know how to screw over gays and minorities and pregnant single mothers and sick people in need of medical treatment. Yeah, Trump is bad, but Pence will be worse. You know what Pence is likely to do better than Trump? Win in 2020. How about focusing on what Dems need to do to win in 2020 rather than trying to undo the last election?


Impeachment will never happen. But the “whuddabout Pence” is a stupid argument. The Pence administration would forever be stained and it makes it that much harder for a far right nut bag republican to take the next cycle.

The point of impeachment is to place hard historical marker on Trumpism as declaration that it’s an abboration. It may be largely symbolic but symbols matter. If we just let Trumpusm pass into history as just another Administration then it is normalized in the eyes of the system.

Of course it will be normalized because it HAS been normalized. The democrats will not get what they want in the midterms, if Trump runs again he will win.

And that’s the nail in the coffin of what we thought America was supposed to be. With out a total reversal of these trickle down policies and extremist Right ideology I t’s race to the bottom. For the bulk of America from 2020 on it’s going look a great deal more like a developing country. Mission Accomplished, I guess.


@4 Xian-Qi: I can't argue with you.
@5 Dr. Zaius: God, I hope not.


See, this is what happens when you don't print enough pamphlets. No one shows up except your mom and her boyfriend.


williamschandler @8 makes a compelling point. When in our history haven't social and political problems been improved with more big dicks?


We let the wrong side have most of the guns.


At least half the country is too fat and lazy to get off the couch and run a mile so they don't get heart disease and diabetes at 40, so I have no idea who the hell is going to be arsed with war fighting.


Makes one wonder if the credulous choads who lap up this propaganda ever come to the point of realization that none of it is true? That they are merely eliciting a canned emotional response calculated for them by their pied pipers?
I think they enjoy the emotional drama far too much to care about the reality of things.
All they see is "folks is puttin our pic-shurs on the TV screens!" while they foment.


Gosh, there was a Civil War (the Second) and you guys never let us know?!
Getting a little worried about your Journalisms, Stranger....

Also, Bingo, @12.



Whether it's objectively true or not is irrelevant to the kind of people you describe. They BELIEVE that whatever bat-shite crazy thing has suddenly popped into their un-edjumacated pea-brains is the truth, because - well, don't expect any sort of cogent explanation from them, they just do; and there is literally nothing you can say, no reams of contravening facts you can put before them, that will cause them to perform even the most rudimentary form of self-evaluation to compare their beliefs with your evidence. In my experience, they are mentally and psychologically incapable of anything resembling critical analysis - I think it actually causes them physical discomfort to even attempt it.


That ain't a pitchfork. It's a garden fork, which ain't as pointed. But then, it might hurt more when impaled into the bastards.


So true, @15 -- give me a well-sharpened, properly polished (say NO to tetanus!) pointy pitchfork any day of the week, especially over one of those sissy, rusty flat-tined garden sporks. Howtf we gonna win The Revolution, bringing garden sporks to an alt-Reich military madness full-scale fascist takeover?

Her Heart's in the right place, however....


We're forming militias now?


Early this year I visited a close friend in Pennsylvania and spent a day at Gettysburg. Growing up in California, schools covered the Civil War in perfunctory fashion. There weren't any battles fought here and the California Regiment didn't have anyone from California in it. The main effect of the Civil War on California was a long delaying in getting the stone to finish our capitol building. Thus, the Gettysburg Museum, run by the National Park Service, was a true eye-opener. The sheer destruction and misery inflicted by that war was almost incomprehensible to me. People fought with rotting wounds, eating food fit for nothing more than maggots, wearing bug-infested clothes, with barely operating weapons. Some 2% of the American population died in that war. Not a family in the country was left untouched. The atrocities and horror of the Civil War led to the Geneva Conventions on the rules of war.

The Civil War was unspeakably awful. I don't think we should even joke about another one.