Im surprised and disappointed by the news that Patty Murray has received so much money from the private prison industry. I will be calling her office and asking her to explain herself.


They aren't immigrants. They are undocumented immigrants. They are illegal immigrants.


"“If they don’t want to be seen as part of Trump’s police, the city should revoke the business license immediately,” said Maru Mora Villalpando, an organizer with NWDC Resistance."

Tacoma officials should NOT give into their demands, especially if they want to frame it that way.

Kids shouldn't be separated from their parents under first time general illegal entry. Illegal immigrants aren't some monolithic group, and there are various reasons that justify separation.


As can be seen from Tacoma's eager accommodation of PSE's hideously dangerous LNG plant and associated gas pipeline infrastructure on the seismically hazardous filled tideflats of Commencement Bay and filled wetlands in nearby portions of Fife including residential neighborhoods, Tacoma is quite welcoming to corporations, but low income citizens and refugees, not so much.


@1 you can call Patty Murray's office and send her letters until the cows come home, but her staff will merely crank out insincere thanks for your comments and canned written responses that don't actually address your concerns. Murray is similarly resistant to reining in Big Pharma on outrageously high and endlessly escalating drug prices and Medicare for All. This is why I voted for "Medicare for All" in 2016.


Here's hoping Ferguson sues NWDC and their illegal and inhumane practices out of WA state. NWDC and ICE-- you're not wanted here. GTFO.


The Tacoma facility also holds illegal immigrants who have broken the law and served hard time in our prisons and absolutely should be deported.

Come to this country and break the law?

You're outta here.

Path to citizenship for those who don't break the law, back pay any taxes they owe and have lived in the US for 10 years or more.


Shame on Senator Pouty-Patty


@2/4 - do you lie as much as or more than the president?

@3 - oh hey, it's the Proud Boy wannabe, licking the government's ass again.


@10 Trump's habit of lying is a deep character flaw. It's not the only reason I didn't vote for him.


Shut down the NWDC. We shouldn't allow out-of-state companies to profit off suffering in our own backyards. Here's an opportunity to stand up to trump, sessions, and this disgusting administration. Revoke the license, Tacoma.

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