Interim police chief Carmen Best met Ethan Hawke. Now its your turn to meet Carmen Best.
Interim police chief Carmen Best once met Ethan Hawke. Now it's your turn to meet Carmen Best. Mat Hayward / Getty Images

Mayor Durkan Will Probably Pick Carmen Best As Police Chief: But The Seattle Times has done all the hard work of interviewing her and the other two candidates, all of whom spoke about police accountability at a forum yesterday.

TIX to the new chapter of Homo For The Holidays: JINGLE ALL THE GAY! Dec 7th-30th

First Asylum-Seeker Released In Washington Speaks About Separation From Son: "Padilla said her son was taken from her and she remained in the 'icebox' eating bread and frozen ham for three days. Detainees drank water from the toilet tank and went days without showers, she said." Heidi reports.

ICE Detains Columbia City Alehouse Employee: "Ambling outside into the sunshine for a quick break and to move his car before his next shift began, Martinez met with the last thing he’d expected: two Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents dressed in plainclothes. They knocked on his car window, ordering him to come with them," reports the South Seattle Emerald.

ICE Arrests Memphis Journalist After Covering Protest: Duran Ortega says he was arrested for writing unflattering stories about the Memphis PD, according to The Daily Beast, but the cops deny the claim.

One Billboard Inside Tacoma Washington Reads: "There are NAZIS in our neighborhood," KOMO reports. "Neighbors said last week they took down fliers urging people to, 'Keep America American' and report undocumented immigrants to ICE. The group also protested a local business they believe supports white supremacy."

Motorcycle Crash In Shoreline Leaves Two Dead: "Both drivers were thrown from their motorcycles, and one of them was run over by a truck," reports The Seattle Times.

Trump Visits UK For First Time As President: Prime Minister Theresa May wants to talk trade, says the BBC, but London wants to throw him a parade:

Judge Brett Kavanaugh Quickly Paid Off Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Worth of Credit Card Debt In, Uh......: Baseball tickets. Yes. That's it. Washington Nationals baseball tickets. That's what the debt was, according to The Washington Post. Wasn't nothin' but baseball tickets. Loves the team. No reason to look any further into that.

Stormy Daniels Arrested In Ohio: For putting her boobs on plainclothes cops, according to The Washington Post. She's out on bond, and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, is calling it "a sting operation."

The Government Reopens Emmett Till Case: They're not saying much beyond "we found some new information," says The New York Times, but Carolyn Bryant Donham still lives. She's the woman who falsely claimed Till, a 14-year-old boy visiting the South from Chicago, "sexually menaced" her, which drove two Mississippi men to beat Till, shoot him, tie a cotton gin fan around him with barbed wire, and throw his body in the river.

Papa John Said the N-Word During A Conference Call: Now he is no longer papa. Also, go figure.

Cool Things To Do Today Include: Getting sad with Phoebe Bridgers at the Crocodile. Getting happy at the Guys We Fucked comedy tour with Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson in Bellevue. Stopping by The Factory to watch Genevieve St. Charles paint a crushed can of La Croix. Drinking a fruit beer in Ballard.