The Top 10 Songs I Never Need to Hear Again



Every Breath You Take


Losing My Religion. Love most of the REM catalog. Never want to hear that one again.


Throw in Bohemian Rhapsody and we have a deal.


@1 and @2: I'm with you on those. @3 I can still deal with it, somehow, hundreds of listens later.



Shit, anything by Sting or The Police.


May Don’t Stand So Close To Me live on.

With 1-3.


Oh god i just heard jump around at the gym last week and wondered why anyone needs to hear that song in 2018


I agree about Smells Like Teen Spirit. Pretty much all of Nevermind has been rendered flat by oversaturation. In Utero, however, still destroys.

Flagpole Sitta is the least interesting song on Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone? Which, as an album, rules ... but isn't in the same league as King James Version. That one is sorely underrated.


Most of these are somewhere between good to amazingly great songs that have been ruined by overplay. But "Imagine" irritated me the very first time I heard it, some three and a half decades ago. Even though, as you say, it touts a perfectly respectable message. Even John Lennon could have an off day.


If the Leland City Club was one of the Detroit club's you use to hang out at, then you will be very unhappy to hear that they still play Bela Lugosi's Dead just about every night.
It seems like the DJs there just put on a mixtape at the beginning of the night, and that they've been using the same mixtape for about 20 years.

By the way, the place still smells like clove cigarettes.


I just realized you used to write for the Detroit Metro Times, so I'm going to assume that you've been to City Club.

Seriously, which other club could you have been talking about when you mentioned clove cigarettes?


Wow, city club still exists. That’s kind of amazing.


please add anything by Three Dog Night, the Rascals, the Lovin; Spoonful, and Jim Croce. Keep one copy for the Library of Congress, and the rest can be blasted into space.



It's been around for almost 35 years now, but it's a little hard to pin down exactly how long it's been because the guys that opened it don't agree on the date.
"Higgins says the Liedernacht opened in November 1983, but Stirling claims opening day was Pearl Harbor Day — Dec. 7, 1984, a date corroborated by a 1985 Detroit Free Press article. The confusion over the opening date is emblematic of the club’s quirky charm — we’re talking about the same place where a missing door in the women’s bathroom wasn’t replaced for five years."

That article is from '03, but the place hasn't changed much since then.


@14, I’m not surprised. I spent a lot of time there in the mid-late 90s. It was actually the first night club i went to at 18. It never changed over those years - same music, same crowd, same disgusting bathrooms - so I couldn’t imagine it being any different now. I always wondered why they never tried to shake it up a little, maybe get proper DJs who can mix (it’s detroit ffs!) but I guess it ain’t broke.

At that time there was another goth bar in the basement called labyrinth that was somehow even more dank and grotesque. The floor in the men’s room was always - always! - flooded with an inch of water on the floor. I think it became a different (queer?) bar shortly after I left MI. I’m curious to know if there is anything there now.



As far as I know the Labyrinth is still there and under the same ownership and management as City Club.
I don't know if it's open all the time, but I do know that there is a performance scheduled at the Labyrinth in early October.


@Adam Kadmon Yes, that's the one. Jesus, sounds like it's stuck in a serious time warp. Thanks for the Detroit scene report.


@16, that’s incredible. It always felt like it was hanging on by a string back then and that was 2 decades ago. Thanks for the update.