Immigrant Detainees "Appalled" by Family Separations, Launch Hunger Strike



Er, is this going to be another NWDCResistance-press-release "hunger strike," where we later learn that only a small fraction of the initial numbers reported participated, and none of those refused food for more than 3-4 days at a time?

I mean yes, by all means let's put an end to these useless and cruel detentions, but your single named source for this story has a significant credibility problem. Did you try to verify any of this via other sources?


Everything that has to do with how ICE and NWDT treat our friends, neighbors, and community members is appalling.


“Saturday's lunch was ‘a small bag of chips, 4 cookies, and one slice of white bread.’"
Wow. A veritable schmorgasbord! May as well send them to
Whole Foods, let ‘em puruse the salad bar.….

I do hope they’re earnin’ their damn Keep.
Nevermind they shouldn’ta been caged up in the first place.

Let me get this straight – if they ain’t White,
they ain’t quite human?

Let’s END these never-ending wars on the Human Race.
They’re just People, too, my friend.
There’s gotta be a better Target out there, somewhere……………