Republicans Endorse Arming Preschoolers in Sacha Baron Cohen's New Show



Of course they did.

Republicans serve their corporate masters, no matter what. One of those masters is the NRA and gun manufacturers. They say jump, republicans say how high. There is no discussion. There is no resistance.

The NRA and gun manufacturers would like every man, woman, child, dog, cat, fish, bird, etc. to be armed to the teeth. Billions upon billions upon BILLIONS of guns. I mean, how do you think they stay in business? They tell their republican slaves what to endorse and the republican slaves endorse it. Always have, always will.

This really shouldn't be a surprise, honestly.


Kind of surprised Cohen can still find people to trick at this point. Even my parents know who he is.

I guess it helps to focus on older politicans though. They don't pay much attention to anything.


Republicans are incredibly gullible and very easy to dupe. If they weren't, they wouldn't be republicans.


Republicans get triggered so easily.

You do wonder how many people he tried and discarded because they said this was ridiculous. But the fact that anyone didn't...


Should have had a real Israeli counter-terrorism expert play an Israeli counter-terrorism expert.

So appropriative.

I’d have thought there are laws in place preventing the marketing of, well, real firearms to children, but it appears that I may be wrong on that front.


@5 - I think you're thinking of cigarettes and pot. Can't advertise those to children. Guns are totes fine, though.


the NRA you say? This NRA?


My goodness that was cringe worthy. That shit has got to be damaging enough to ruin a couple careers doesn't it?

Also, both Sarah Palin and the great Roy Moore have already released statements acknowledging they got suckered too. Moore is threatening legal action if the footage airs. Should be funny as hell.


This has already made my whole week.


Meh... Baron is a skilled manipulator, it's his job. The standard you should hold any guest on his program up to is what you might say when confronted with a trickster who had you fooled. It doesn't take me much to get a Woke White Liberal to say that racial segregation is a correct policy, imagine how trivially Baron Cohen could get Lindy West to openly support slavery on his TV program.


Is having a tie that dangles down to your crotch like wearing a MAGA hat without actually wearing a MAGA hat?


@10 that's not fair to Lindy, I just pulled her name out of the air. But you can substitute the Woke Avatar of your choice.


Cohen could get it.


@10/12 tl;dr = I was just trolling but I still made a clever point snoflake soyboys


Sportlandia, I think you overestimate the gullibility of the left and Baron Cohen's abilities. Getting conservatives to support an exaggeration of a policy they already support is pretty different than than getting liberals to support a position that's directly opposed to their current stance is trickier. Getting Tea Party Republicans to, say, publicly repudiate Trump would be the equivalent of what you're proposing. If Baron Cohen could do that, I'd consider him a master manipulator. Getting Republicans to stump for more gun sales isn't that hard.


Yeesh, what happened -- that should have been: "Getting conservatives to support an exaggeration of a policy they already support is pretty different than getting liberals to support a position that's directly opposed to their current stance."


And then a black person informs woke crowds sitting cross-legged to hear the adulting of a mixed child that segregation matters.


Fuckers just aren’t like the Power Ranger.


^Someone took the time to type that out. I hope drugs were involved


Have some coffee, beeeees.

Amazonians love their coffee.

Don’t worry guys I’m gone for five days next week.


@15 segregation is not directly opposed to their current stance, it is their current stance.



"I don't support segregation... but i don't think white people should live in non-white neighborhoods"

"I don't support segregation... but I think only Teachers of Color should teach at majority-minority schools"

"I don't support segregation.. but i don't think white people should eat food that doesn't come from the western european tradition"

"I don't support segregation... but I don't think white people should marry into black families"

There isn't a difference between excluding whites and excluding minorities. You put a fence up, you put white people on one side and everyone else on the other, and you've got segregation.