It's the End of Mount Rainier as I Know It



Don't think of it as losing your view of the mountains but gaining a view of a fascinating yuppie ant farm.


My first Seattle apartment was damn-near water-front on Elliott Bay--epic view. Couldn't sleep worth a damn in that place. Epic insomniatic PAIN!!! My new studio apartment looks onto a small parking lot and unremarkable neighborhood in Greenwood. I sleep like a baby. The up-side of losing your view may later be revealed. I hope so.


NIMBY NIMBY! NIMBY!! etc. nah... you're cool, just josh'n.


Now - give your NIMBY opponents as much grace as you have given yourself for having the exact same feelings - then perhaps they won't dig in quite so hard and you can convince them that the greater good is in fact more important.


You know what else is nice to see outside your window? A FUCKING BLUE STATE. You have a BLUE STATE right outside your window. If I lived in Seattle I wouldn't care if my window had a view to a shit factory, as long as I never had to see another MAGA hat.


too bad about the view, at least his sense of personal safety is very much in tact.


Gosh, if they were to find a centuries-old indigenous skull, that might set them back a decade -- not that I would condone such a thing.

Oh and when those big scooper-machines have tires they're backhoes.
When they have tracks they're trackhoes.

@1, yes. You're really gonna need that telescope now.


That corner used to be the home to my favorite bar in Seattle. Best Irish Coffees in town and a very cool black and white tile floor. Oh well, "progress". Meanwhile, the view of Elliott Bay that I've enjoyed for 20 years is disappearing thanks to the new building at 2nd and University. Again, stinking "progress". But I had the view of the ferries for decades so can't complain. I guess.


@8 Pizza Hut* had Irish Coffee?!


@7 -- thanks for "trackhoes." Didn't know that!


Good lord, I bet your whole apartment smells like Dick's.

How do you get the smell of Dick's out of your clothes before you go out?

When you travel, is it a relief to get away from the stench of Dick's, or do you sort of miss it?


Boring Report was great.


@ 11 -- Nothing in life makes me happier than the smell of dicks.


That intersection also has a stellar view of the Needle in another direction, which hopefully you enjoy also


Although you jest, I believe looping a video is possible now and likely in the future, a la this clip from Gattaca


I don't want to minimize yr pain (I too love Broadway and fondly remember when they added the dance steps) but what is your situation vis-a-vis the roof?

And i will paypal 20$ towards a glass etching of the exact proportional Mt. Tahoma on your glass. Of course your new neighbors may exercise in the nude which could cause a trump o'leil volcanic eruption to occur of an unfortunate nature.


Move to Tacoma. We have great views down here. Of course, our bus system sucks compared to Seattle's and it's way more Republican down in Pierce County...but, at least we have a spectacular view of Mt. Rainier.


@10 -- you're welcome! Trackhoes are also called excavators:

Should @17's window etching idea fail to pan out,
how bout a pull-down shade featuring Tahoma at it's finest?
(with half a dozen or so lenticulars hovering over its lofty white head)


Sorry you're losing your view...


11: "Good lord, I bet your whole apartment smells like Dick's."

You should say that sentence out loud to hear what it sounds like-especially if you shout it at the top of your lungs to random strangers on the bus.