SDOT Beats Down Pedestrians on Beacon Hill With Brand-New Beg Buttons



Thank God they've finally put a signal there. I've been asking for one for months. Contrary to Our Dear Charles' perceptions, it's an intersection where cars do not stop for pedestrians. Pedestrians have to wait until some motorist shows enough largess to stop and let the pedestrian pass.

I've also asked if they can put some greenery on the island they put in the middle of Beacon Avenue in that block, because sometimes motorists will drive up on it to pass the stopped buses, and also pedestrians dash out in the middle of the block to try to catch a southbound 36 from the light rail station, but apparently they can't do that because of the water main that runs down Beacon.

And Charles dear, It's Roberto Maestas Festival Street, not Lander Street - at least not in that block between 17th Ave S and 16th Ave S.


Here, Chuck, let me fix this for you: "And the suspect's family also has to suffer because the directive of the ruling ideology is that we won't permanently incarcerate people after multiple DUIs."


It's amazing how you can take a tragedy Charles and juxtapose it with with such wide pondering on our society.


@2: or fund the enforcement of ignition interlock devices.

same thing happened when a Mark Mullen ran over the Schulte family at NE 75th and 33rd NE in 2013. middle of the afternoon, ripped to the gills, multiple DUIs, ordered to have an interlock but never installed it.


Why is an interlock device even an option for someone convicted of multiple DUIs? Take their license away forever.


@5, because our Elected State Legislature likes to drink and drive.

@3, Yeah, using a personal tragedy to open up your mantra philosophy that only you accept is just journalistic dumpster diving.


I don't see how this favors cars, tbh, and it makes it safer for pedestrians to cross the street. What's wrong with Mudede, suddenly he's some sort of contrarian.


Ugh the real problem is that someone can have a dui, let alone multiple, and still be able to drive...


Peds need lessons in humility
and SDOT is there for them
hoping for a better way is futility*
nevertheless, our Charles is a gem.

*you've been engineered!


"The lane is not, of course, protected from car traffic. Few bike lanes in this city are because what matters most to transportation departments in the Seattle-area are bloody cars."

And yet, for reasons I cannot fathom, cyclists are not allowed to use the sidewalk in this city.


What's funny here is that there's more than one self-styled neighborhood activist up here on Beacon Hill who argues that SDOT is an agency with one mission only: to put bike lanes everywhere.


Beyond my previous comment, I tend to agree with @1. That intersection is very uneven with cars and peds. Long-term it'll be safer with a signal. We're in the midst of a long-term campaign to re-educate a lot of drivers to the fact that this part of Beacon Ave S is no longer a good pass through arterial, because it has more pedestrian traffic and business activity. That's only going to increase. Hundreds of apartment units going up near that corner over the next few years. It's been interesting to watch that intersection evolve over the last 10 years. It was slow at first, but with each passing day, it becomes more lively. With luck, it will continue to evolve into the platonic ideal of an Urban Village.